Kubera Yantram

Kubera Yantram

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Kubera Yantram

The  Kubera  Yantra  is a metal plate on which a geometric design is inscribed to propitiate the Lord of Wealth, Kubera. The total of each row and column in a Kubera Yantra is 72, which is avery strong number denoting prosperity.

Anyone can get a  Kubera Yantra, but you need to ensure that you get it from a reliable source, and that it is properly energized.

Worshipping the Kubera Yantra, you not only gain more wealth, but also regain lost wealth. The Kubera Yantra can be installed by anyone who wants a better life and more wealth.  You can also install it to improve your luck factor. It can be installed in your house as well as in your office. The Kuber Yantram is very Powerful and it can definitely change the cash inflow for anyone.

  You must chant the mantra of Kubera while meditating on it. The Kubera mantra is                                              “ OM HREEM SHREEM KUBERAYA NAMAHA”.  When  you do this, you will  be blessed with wealth and success. For best result, chant the mantra a minimum of 21 times and a maximum of 108 times a day, as it the best way to please Lord Kuber.

Kubera  Yantra enhances the lives of :

People who lack positive energy at work place and home.

People who struggle to achieve success in their endeavors

People who are afflicted by Saturn. 

People who yearn for a hitch free life

People who need greater stability

People who want a more positive foundation to their lives

People who experience the tortoise or turtle as an omen to grow in patience. 

People who seek steadiness, longevity, wisdom, faithfulness

People who embark on a long-term project that will require persistence.

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