Arulmigu Papanasanathar Temple , Papanasam

Arulmigu Papanasanathar Temple , Papanasam


Arulmigu Papanasanathar Temple is situated in Papanasam village in Tirunelveli districtTamil Nadu, and this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here Lord Shiva is worshipped as Papanasanathar (The one who removes our sins) and his consort Ma Parvathi is worshipped as Ulagammai (The Universal Mother Goddess).

The temple was built by a Pandya King, and it was subsequently repaired, renovated and extended by the Vijayanagar and Nayak Kings during 16th century AD. The temple contains nice sculptures which represents the famous Nayak art.

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The temple is kept open for public Darshan from 5.30 am - 12 pm and 4.30-7:30 pm on all the days and during festival days, the temple would be kept open for the entire day. The temple practices six daily rituals and three annual festivals like the annual Brahmotsavam festival, Thaipoosam and Shivratri.

At the present place of this temple, Lord Shiva had appeared before Rishi Agastya and his wife Ma Lopamundra in wedding posture. There is a wonderful waterfall located nearby the temple, which is popularly known as Agasthiyar Falls. Sage Romasa installed a Lingam for Papanasanathar and worshipped him. There are also marvellous images of Somaskanda, Rishabaroodar and Agastya which looks very attractive and gives calmness to us. It is also believed that Lord Indra was cleared from his sin (Papam in Tamil) after worshipping Lord Papanasanathar.

There are also wall shrines present in this temple such as VinayakaSubramanyarDakshinamurthyDurga, and Navagrahas. Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja who is in the Ananda Thandava posture (In a blissful state) can be seen in this temple. The temple tank in this temple is called as Papanasa Theertham, and the sacred Agasthya Theertham and Kalyani Theertham are also related with the temple.  Lord Shiva in this temple is also known as “PAPPANASASHIVA”, PARIPURNASHIVA” “PARAMASHIVA” and as “BRAHMANDASHIVA”.

Let us worry and realize for the sins committed by us, and let us seek apology to Lord Shiva, let us consider Lord Shiva as the first and foremost God in the entire universe. Let us remove the ego from our mind, and concentrate our entire attention only on him. Since Lord Shiva controlled the ghosts and made them as his divine attendants, let him kill our bad habits also, like lust, anger and greed, and make us into his slaves and servants.


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