Brihaspati is the planet jupiter, and one among the navagrahas. According to ancient texts, Brihaspati is a guru for Lord Indra, at Swarka loka.  He is the god for Thursday, according to hindu calendar. His name is mentioned in Rigveda and also in several ancient texts. His wife name is Tara and his son is Rishi Bharadvaja. His famous temple is situated in Jaipur, known as Brihaspati dham. Another famous Apatsahayesvarar temple is situated in Alangudi,Thiruvarur District,Tamil nadu. It is considered as a famous temple for Guru Brihispati and was worshipped by devotees from all parts of india. Bengal gram dal rice can be offered as naivedyam (Prasad) to him, and can perform puja to him using jasmine flowers. In general, people are worshipping Lord Dakshinamurthy as brahaspati. Dakshinamurthy is another form of Lord Shiva and he is the universal guru for everybody. Both are divine gods and Gurus and they are one and the same. Worshipping Dakshinamoorthy and doing abhishekham to him will also bring better prospects in our life. If we want particularly to worship brahaspati, we can approach any of the shiva temples, and in the navagraha sannidhi, for brahaspati idol we can do abhishekham and archanai and offer prayers to him.


Guru brahaspati is the giver of good fortunes in our life, and can be worshipped on Thursdays. We will get good grasping power and able to work properly in our office, by praying to him. He is expecting a true bhakti from us. By worshipping Lord Brahaspati, we can get good knowledge, courage and wisdom, and we will have a bright future. In the field of astrology, Lord Brahaspati is considered as a great person, and the giver of all prosperity in our life, based on our planetary position. Let us worship the great guru and be blessed.