Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Tiger Eye Bracelet :

This crystal can be used for maintaining and growing wealth. The Tiger Eye is also known to help create understanding and awareness, it can also be a great stone to use when you are feeling stressed, to keep you calm.

The Tiger Eye Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Capricorn.


Creates Awareness

Promotes Wealth

Minimizes Stress

Enhances Confidence

Brings Good Luck

Courage + Clarity + Strength

Directions  To Use

You can set an intention on any stone but I always recommend people to pop them in the sun for a few hours to recharged them by the sun's energy. Alternatively, place them in a salt bath to clean off any bad energies that they might have picked up over time. You'll then need to reset your intention on the stones.

టైగర్ బ్రాస్ లెట్ :

భయం పోగొట్టడానికి, ఆందోళనలు, సామరస్యాలను సమతుల్యంగా ఉండేందుకు సహకరిస్తుంది

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