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INTRODUCTION : Janabai was a Hindu poet. She was born during 13th century. Janabai was born in   Maharashtra. LIFE At a younger age, she went to Pandharpur along with her family. And she worked as a maid in the family of the famous poet Namdev. Her employers were very good and religious minded people. They have treated her in a kind manner. Janabai has worked very peacefully with her employers.  Janabai was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal. She composed many good poems. Still some of her poems were preserved. IMPORTANCE: Though she has not atten..
INTRODUCTION:  Isaignaniyar Nayanmar was born during 12th century AD. And her son Sundara Nayanmar, her husband Sadaiya Nayanar all the three of them are Nayanmars. Isaignaniyar was born in the Brahmin caste. LIFE Their family lived in Tirunavalur, Tamil Nadu. Sundarar was adopted by another nayanmar known as Narasinga Muniyaraiyar. IMPORTANCE: Being the mother of Sundarar, she was a great devotee of Lord Shiva, and was a humble and gentle woman who contains great spiritual powers. During her period, she sincerely worshipped Lord Shiva, and served food to the Shiva de..
INTRODUCTION: Bahinabai (1628–1700AD) is a female saint from Maharashtra, India. She is considered as a disciple of Tukaram. She was born into a brahmin family. LIFE She was born in northern Maharashtra, and there she spent her childhood. She started chanting of God’s names from an early age. Bahinabai was married at a younger age. By the age of eleven, she with her family settled in Kolhapur. Tukaram initiated her into the path of bhakti, and instructed her to chant the name of Vithoba. Some people considered her as a mad woman, while others con..
INTRODUCTION :-Avvaiyar lived during the   3rd century BC, and is said to have maintained good relationships with the Tamil kings. IMPORTANCE:-She has written some verses in poems like Natrinai, Kuruntokai, Akananuru and Purananuru. According to ancient texts, she was a court poet of the kings of the Tamil Nadu. She has travelled to several places and composed several songs. Most of her songs were in praise of the kings, and also relates to proper governance of the country.Avvaiyar has helped the kings in avoiding war between them, and she has acted as a mediator in th..
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