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Sri Vilvamangalam Swamigal
INTRODUCTION:Sri Vilvamangalam Swamigal (1268-1369) was a great saint, poet and a devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan, a form of Lord Krishna. He was born in a village in Trichur District at Kerala. He has written many devotional poems in praise of Lord Krishna, and sung in front of the Guruvayurappan deity at his famous temple in Kerala. Sri Krishna Karnamrutam was the famous work rendered by the great saint. Though he belonged to shaivite sect, he was a great devotee of Lord Krishna similar to Narayana Bhattadhiri and Poonthanam Namboodri. He was a great scholar who has studied all the hindu scri..
INTRODUCTIONRaghavanka (12th century) was a famous Kannada writer and a poet in the Kingdom of Hoysala. Due to his talents, he was praised by the great kings and also by the common man. Raghavanka is a great person in Kannada literature.  He has written the famous text Harishchandra Kavya, based on the life history of King Harishchandra. He was the disciple of the great poet Harihara. He has also written texts on Lord Shiva and Vishnu in a simple language, which can be read even by the layman.WORKS1. Harishchandra Kavya2. Siddharama charitra3. Somanatha charitra4. Viresvara charita5. Hari..
Akha Bhagat
INTRODUCTIONAkha Bhagat (1615-1674), also known as Akha Rahiyadas was a great Saint and Gujarati poet who wrote lot of divine texts. He was specialized for writing the poems in a simplified manner. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.He was a goldsmith and lived in Ahmedabad. He was a disciple of Saint Gokulnath, and through his guidance, he has spread the Krishna Bhakti spirit among the masses. WORKS1.  Panchikarana 2.  Gurushishyasamvada 3.  Akhe-gita4.  Chittavichar Samvada 5. Santona Lakshano6. Anubhav Bindu 7. Avasthanirupan8. Kaivalya Git..
Muthuswamy Dikshitar
INTRODUCTION : Muthuswami Dikshitar (1775–1835) was a great  poet, singer, veena player, and a great composer of Carnatic Music. His compositions are highly praised for their detailed descriptions of Hindu gods and temples. His compositions are popular and even today it is sung in classical concerts of Carnatic music. He is also appreciated for his divine music similar to the great musicians Shyama and Thyagaraja. He is considered as one among the three musical doyens. His compositions were developed mainly in Sanskrit. LIFEMuthuswami Dikshitar was born in Tiruvarur. He learnt t..
Purandara Dasa
INTRODUCTION : Purandara Dasa (1484-1564) was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, and a poet and saint. He was the disciple of the great saint Sree Vyasatirtha, and along with Kanakadasa he has written many bhakti songs on Lord Hari. Vyasatirtha, has praised him for his great efficiency in writing and singing songs in praise of Lord Vishnu. He contributed a lot to the Carnatic music. He is also praised by the people as the master of Carnatic music. He is considered as an avatar of the divine sage Narada Maharishi, also known as Devarishi Narada.Purandara Dasa was a big merchant of gold, silver and ..
Samarth Ramdas
INTRODUCTION : Samarth Ramdas (1608-1681) was a saint and a famous poet of Maharashtra. He has written various famous poems.  Ramdas was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. His birth name was Narayan Suryaji Thosar. He was born in a village in Jalna district, Maharashtra in a Brahmin family. It is believed that due to his sincere devotion, Lord Rama has appeared before him and blessed him. From then onwards he was called as “RAMDAS”. At a younger age, he went to the holy city, Nasik, and started worshiping Lord Rama for many years. He traveled through..
INTRODUCTION : Vidyapati (1352–1448) was a Sanskrit poet and he was born to a Shaivite Brahmin family in Bihar, India.  His father was a priest in the court of the chief of Tirhut, Bihar. He worked as a poet in the court of several kings in Bihar. It is also believed that he directly interacted with Lord Shiva and Goddess Ganga through his sincere devotion on them. His famous works include: 1. Purusa Pariksa  Likhanabali  2. Bhu-Parikrama 3. Vibhagasara  4. Danavakyavali  5. Gangavakyavali 6. Varsakrtya 7. Durgabhakti..
NTRODUCTION : Vyasa is the author of the Mahabharata, Vedas and Puranas. He is also called as Veda Vyasa or Krishna Dvaipayana. He is also considered as an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu,who was born as veda vyasa in dwapara yuga for the compilation of vedas. IMPORTANCE :His birth day was known as Guru Purnima, and also known as Vyasa Purnima. Vyasa is also considered to be one of the seven Chiranjivees. He was the son of Satyavati and sage Parashara. It is believed that he was born in the present day Uttar Pradesh, India. He was..
INTRODUCTION :Tulsidas (1532-1623), was a Hindu  saint and poet, was well known for his devotion to Lord Rama. He was born in a village in Uttar Pradesh. His birth name was Rambola. Tulsidas has written several popular works in Sanskrit and he was the author of the great epic Ramcharitmanas, a translation of Sanskrit Ramayana into Hindi language. Ramcharitmanas is considered as one of the finest works of Hindi literature. LIFE :Tulsidas lived in the city of Varanasi.  He was the founder of Lord Hanuman Temple in Varanasi. He ..
Kabir Das
INTRODUCTION :Kabir Das (1440–1518) was a poet and saint, whose writings, influenced Hinduism's Bhakti movement. His writings were found in Guru Granth Sahib. He was born on Varanasi. Kabir was raised by a Muslim family. Kabir was the disciple of the Saint Swami Ramananda in Varanasi. Kabir never married and led a bachelor’s life. Kabir's family is believed to have lived in Varanasi.  Famous works 1. Kabir Bijak  2. Kabir Parachai  3. Sakhi Granth  4. Adi Granth  5. Kabir Granthawali  He has written lot of..
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