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Machamuni Siddhar
NTRODUCTION :Machamuni Siddhar is an ancient siddhar and is famous for his popular works. He was born with the blessings of Lord Shiva and contains great bhakti and fully devoted on Lord Shiva. He was brought up by Sri Pinnakeesar and learned various subjects from him. He took the guidance of the great sage Kakapujandar, and attained yogic powers through him. Similar to other siddhas, he awakened his kundalini energy in order to understand the inner self and to attain great powers. After several years of meditation, he got great spiritual energy and rendered his works in the field of ..
Sri Vedanta Desikan
INTRODUCTION : Sri Vedanta Desikan (1268–1369) was a great Vaishnava saint and philosopher who cultivated the Vishnu bhakti among the people, by performing various miracles and conducting spiritual teachings. He was the disciple of Sri Kidambi Appullar. Swami Vedanta Desika is considered as the incarnation of the divine bell of Lord Venkateswara. He had done various Pujas for Lord Vishnu with pure devotion at his younger age itself, and got great spiritual powers. LIFE :Desika was born in the year 1268 AD, with the birth name as ‘Venkatanatha’. At his younger age ..
INTRODUCTION : Sivavakkiyar is one among 18 Siddhas and considered as a person who was against caste discrimination. He belonged to the family of gold smiths, and his parents were sincerely devoted to Lord Shiva. It is believed that he lived thousand years ago. Sivavakkiyar Siddhar was born by reciting Lord Shiva’s holy name. Hence he was called by the name Sivavakkiyar. His parents were insisted him to become a great siddha, and hence he met the siddhas to learn various subjects from them. He was an expert in Siddha medicine, Yoga and meditation. Since Sivavakkiyar Siddhar was a great poet..
Siddhar Idaikkadar
INTRODUCTION :Siddhar Idaikkadar was a great expert in the field of astrology and his writings on astrology are very useful for today’s astrologers. He was also an expert in the field of siddha. He is believed to have lived during the 3rd century BC, and he belongs to Yadava Community, and is very fond of worshiping Lord Krishna from his childhood, and praises him by singing songs on him. He is one of the famous Siddha among the 18 Siddhas. He was born in Idaikadu, hence he was named as idaikadar. He lived as shepherd and used to sing songs on Lord Shiva, while doing his work. In his younger..
Karuvurar Siddhar
INTRODUCTION : Karuvurar Siddhar was born in Karur in Tamil nadu hence he was called as Karuvurar. It is believed that he was born thousand years ago. Karuvurar was born in the family of Viswakarma community. His parents were doing sculpture work, by sculpting divine god’s sculptures. His parents were devotees of Lord Shiva, and they daily provided food to shiva devotees in a whole heartedly manner. He learnt the subjects from various famous gurus, and got great knowledge by serving as a disciple to Sri Kamala Muni, and learnt the concepts of siddha from Bogar. For some time, he also engage..
Pranavananda Saraswathi
INTRODUCTION : Pranavananda Saraswati (1908–1982) was the founder of the Divine Life Society in Malaysia. His birth name was N.Ponniah. LIFE : Ponniah was born in the year 1908 in Sri Lanka. His parents were strong followers of Hindu faith, and worshipers of hindu gods. He has served as a disciple to Yogaswami, who showed him the spiritual path. Initially he worked in some places, and afterwards he undertook his first pilgrimage to India in 1948, and had darshan and blessings of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo. He also met Ramadas, Paramaha..
Sage Valmiki
INTRODUCTION :Sage Valmiki is celebrated as the author of the great hindu epic Ramayana. He was born during Treta Yuga. Ramayana, contained the details of various incidents occurred during the life of Lord Rama. The Ramayana tells the story of Rama, king of Ayodhya, about his birth, marriage life, life in forest, fight with ravana and killing him and rescue of Mata Sita, through the help of Lord Hanuman and Lord Sugriva. It is also believed that Valmiki also lived during the period of Rama. Rama met Valmiki and Valmiki gave shelter to Sita in his ashram and..
Sage Purusundi
INTRODUCTION :Purusundi was an ancient sage who lived during the Treta Yuga. His birth name was Vipradhan and he was a hunter, before attaining the status of the divine sage. LIFE : Hunter Vipradhan was used to hunt the animals and through that he had earned for his livelihood. Once, there occurred a severe drought in his place, he suffered from poverty, and hence started doing robbery. Once he tried to take the belongings of a great rishi Sree Mukkala Munivar, and due to his kind approach and through his advice, he stopped doing sinful acts, and he had started doing severe penance on Lord V..
Rishi Jamadagni
INTRODUCTION :Jamadagni  is one of the Saptarishis, and he is the father of Lord Parashurama, the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Jamadagni had five children and his wife was Mata Renuka Devi, and after her death, she is worshiped as an incarnation of Goddess parvati, in various names and in various temples, like Yellamma in Karnataka, Manchalamma in Mantralayam,   Andhra Pradesh. Rishi Jamadagni was well versed in handling weapons and he is a master in all kinds of art, and also well versed in vedic texts, puranas and other sacred hindu texts. His ancestor was..
INTRODUCTION : Ashtavakra is an ancient sage in Hinduism. He was born as a physically handicapped person. He was mentioned and regarded as a popular sage in the epics and puranas. His grandfather was the great sage “ARUNI”. And Sage Aruni was a great scholar, and also a teaching professional of vedas and other ancient texts. Ashtavakra was married to Suprabha, a pious lady. Ashtavakra was also the author of the divine text Astavakra Gita, and it is based on spiritual concepts. The details about him were found in the great epics Ramayana and the Mahabharata and a..
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