Bhakti Hridaya Bon (1901-1982) who was popularly known as Swami Bon was born in Vrindavan, into a pious Hindu family, and his father, was a great scholar, and he was well-versed in Vedas. He was a disciple of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, had become a saint, and he served as the pontiff in the Gaudiya Mutt and spread the teachings of Swami Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

He has written many spiritual books on Vaishnavism and explained the greatness of Lord Krishna, and he had lot of followers even in foreign countries. His famous book, the path of Vaikunta, was widely praised by his followers, and lot of people were benefited with that. He also translated lot of his Bengali works in various regional languages, in order to spread the Vaishnava Philosophy amongst the people.

Swami Bon has founded a spiritual school in Uttar Pradesh, and there Vedas, Hindu philosophies were taught along with other subjects. 

He has founded a Gaudiya Mutt in Chennai also.

He considered Chaitanya's teachings as the teachings of Lord Krishna, and delivered the sweetness to his disciples and devotees.

He lived a simple and a saintly life, and during his life time, he would never unnecessarily speak with others, and mostly he used to eat only fruits, greens and vegetables. He used to sleep only in the floor, and didn’t enjoy any luxuries in his life time. He also used to visit the holy Yamuna River occasionally and enjoyed the free flow of the holy water Yamuna by staying in the banks of River Yamuna. He asked his admirers to worship the holy rivers as mother goddesses in order to get the eternal bliss.

He stayed for a long time in Vrindavan and used to conduct divine lectures to the people. After his death, a Krishna temple was found at his Ashram, and in that, his Shrine is also located. He died in the year 1982 at his Ashram residence in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Through his divine works, he is still alive and he is also blessing his devotees from his shrine at Vrindavan.