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INTRODUCTION :Spiritual Gurus are playing a major role in our life, and only if we have their blessings, we would get their grace. Holy Gurus such as Guru Raghavendra, Shirdi Saibaba, Kanchi Paramacharya, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramana and Sri Seshadri Swamigal, have incarnated in this earth, in order to serve the almighty as well as to help the mankind, by removing their sufferings and sorrows, and to give peace of mind to them. Our Gurus have taken birth in this earth, as per the orders of the almighty, and after their work completes in this earth, they would leave their physical body and ..
INTRODUCTION : Kumara Vyasa (15th century AD) is another name of Narayanappa who was a famous Kannada poet. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, and he also worshiped Lord Shiva. He has re-written the famous epic Mahabharata in Kannada.  Kumara Vyasa was the title given to him, since his admirers considered him similar to Vedavyasa, and hence, he was came to be known as Kumara Vyasa, also known as the son of Vyasa. He lived during the time of the great Shaivite poet Sri Chamarasa who wrote the famous texts mentioning the life history details of Sri Allama Prabhu and other Lin..
INTRODUCTION :Iravivarman Thampi, also known as Irayimman Thampi (1782–1856), was a Carnatic musician, and a famous poet, and he penned lot of divine poems. He served as a singer and poet in the court of the famous king Swathi Thirunal, and he was an expert in singing divine songs on Lord Krishna. His famous works include Omanathinkal Kidavo.Irayimman Thampi was born in the year 1782 in Travancore in a pious Kerala Varma family.  Thampi had his basic education from his father, and he studied Sanskrit under the great scholar Sri Shankaran Elayathu. He wrote poems at his young age, and subm..
Nijasharana Shri Ambigara Chowdaiya was a saint, poet and social reformer who lived in the 12th century. He was a boatman who went to Kalyan, and joined in the Virasaiva movement and followed Lingayatism. Impressed by the great Saint Sri Basavanna, his writings were based on Shiva Bhakti and caste discrimination. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and used to apply the sacred ash in his body and wore the holy Rudraksha. He also fought for the rights of women, and he was considered as a loving brother for all the women in the world. His teachings are very simple and contain the grea..
INTRODUCTION :Champaben (1913―1993) was a female Jain Saint, and she was born in the Svetambara sect of Jainism in Gujarat, India, in the year 1913. At her young age itself, she had her previous life's memories, and informed to others, that she had studied the teachings of the great Jain Teerthankara, Sri Bhagwan Simandhara in a Jain Temple and mentioned the place of her previous birth also. She is also an ardent devotee of Lord Mahavira, and lived a pious life, throughout in her life. She also met various holy Jain saints in her previous births, an..
INTRODUCTION: Women are considered as the holy creations of the almighty, and they are considered as the incarnations of Mata Shakti Devi. Women shines well in their career path, and they are getting good jobs through their efficiency. They are considered equivalent to men in all aspects, and today’s women have achieved a lot in their life, and most of the young girls are trying to enrol themselves in professional courses, for getting a bright future. According to Hindu scriptures, ancient women are considered as very pure and chaste. Some great women rishis are also mentioned in the..
Yogiji Maharaj
INTRODUCTION :Yogiji Maharaj (1892–1971) was a Hindu saint and he was the pontiff in Swami Narayan Mandir (BAPS). His birth name was Jina Vasani. Yogiji Maharaj is considered as a divine saint, who had healed the diseases of the devotees, and removed the sufferings and sorrows of the people by praying to Lord Swami Narayan. Along with with Pramukh Swami Maharaj, he was the main person in the growth of Swami Narayan Mandirs in various places and the construction of Lord Krishna temples throughout India. Jina was born in the year 1892 in a town in Gujarat to a pious Hindu couple. He had kee..
Nijaguna Shivayogi
INTRODUCTION :Nijaguna Shivayogi (15th century AD) was a great saint and a devotional writer in the Kannada language. He was a follower of Lord Shiva, and he was the ruler of a small region in Mysore. His famous text Vivekachintamani, was written in a simple style and it was stolen the hearts of thousands of readers during his period.The holy text Vivekachintamani, contains astronomy, medicine and spirituality. He also wrote texts in praise of the great Shaivite saints, and he was highly appreciated for his notable works. His other works include: ⦁ Paramanubhava Bodhe⦁ Paramartha Gita&n..
Velukkudi Krishnan
INTRODUCTION Velukkudi Krishnan, also known as Velukkudi Krishnan Swamigal, is a Hindu religious scholar and a devotional preacher. His Guru is Sri Doddacharyan Swamigal. He delivers lectures in various temples, and his speeches are telecast on Vijay TV, Sri Venkateswara bhakthi channal and Podhigai TV. His divine lectures would melt the hearts, and would provide a rich feast to the ears of the viewers, and he makes his viewers to watch his programs regularly in the television channels through his simple approach.  He is running the Kinchitkaram Trust, which exclusively functions for..
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