Champaben (1913―1993) was a female Jain Saint, and she was born in the Svetambara sect of Jainism in Gujarat, India, in the year 1913. At her young age itself, she had her previous life's memories, and informed to others, that she had studied the teachings of the great Jain Teerthankara, Sri Bhagwan Simandhara in a Jain Temple and mentioned the place of her previous birth also. She is also an ardent devotee of Lord Mahavira, and lived a pious life, throughout in her life. She also met various holy Jain saints in her previous births, and lived her life as per their teachings. During her period, lot of Jain devotees received blessings from Champaben, and they used to call her affectionately as Mataji. She delivered lectures about Jain Teerthankaras in the Jain Temples, and spread the greatness of the “JAINISM RELIGION” amongst the people.

She died in the year 1993.


  • Don’t cause injury to others.
  • Don’t steal things from the people.
  • Always speak truth in your life.
  • Keep only a small amount of money with you, and donate the major portion of your wealth to the poor and the needy.
  • Follow the teachings of the Jain Theerthankaras and live as per that.
  • Always eat limited vegetarian food.
  • Don’t talk unnecessarily with others.
  • Control your mind by concentrating your attention only on useful things in your life.
  • Before doing any activity, think several times, and then proceed further.