Akshaya Tritiya


Akshaya Tritiya, is a festival celebrated by the Hindus and Jains, during April - May of every year. This day is celebrated as Annapurna Jayanti, and it is believed that during this day Mata Parvati took the form of Annapoorni and served food to Lord Shiva and to all the living beings in the earth. It is also the day in which Lord Parasurama had incarnated in this earth for destroying the ego of the kings. Lord Ganesha had written the holy Mahabharata on this day through the guidance of Sri Veda Vyasa. Observing Fasting and doing charity is considered as the best deeds to be performed on Akshaya Tritiya.

It is also believed that the Holy River Ganges had reached the earth on this Akshaya Tritiya day. Visiting Shakti Devi temples and worshipping the great mother goddess on this holy day, would help us to get all kinds of prosperities in our life.

In ancient times, people used to travel to holy temples either by walk or through bullock carts especially on Akshaya Tritiya festival day. They would never feel tired during their travels. They used to start from their homes in the early morning, prepare food items on their own, and also take the nearby neighbours along with them. On the way, they used to discuss about the divine stories with each other, and children would play games and they would joyfully spend their time. 

But nowadays, even though lot of transport facilities are available, we are not having that much interest to visit the sacred temples like Kasi, Puri, Dwaraka and Somnath on the Akshaya Tritiya day. By visiting the sacred temples on the Akshaya Tritiya day, we would get the full grace of the almighty, and we would be able to run our life with mental peacefulness and happiness.

Our life may end up at any time. Simply wasting our time on unnecessary matters would never help us during our old age. We would get afraid about the death god Lord Yama, and even if we have the interest to visit the holy temples, our health condition would not permit us to do so. Hence let us visit the holy temples of the gods and goddesses as much as possible, during our young age itself, and be blessed.