Baba Shivo


Baba Shivo (14th century AD) who was also known as Goran Baba, is a village deity, worshiped in the villages of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. He is considered as a saint and contains the features of Lord Shiva. He was the son of the King, who ruled the Pattan Town at Kashmir. According to legend, Shivo was the disciple of Gorakhnath, and he obtained divine powers from him.

King Ladh dev and his queen had left their kingdom, and went to the forest, and worshiped Gorakhnath, and through his blessings, Shivo was born to them.  Shivo was a brave child who used to playfully put his head in the mouth of the tiger, and the tiger would not cause any harm to him. Through his wonderful activities, he was known to other people as a divine child.

Shivo used to wonderfully play flute, similar to Lord Krishna, and he used to resemble in appearance similar to Krishna.  Through his music, he had melted the hearts of men and women, and lot of people were joined with him as his disciples and followers. In Goran a temple for Baba was constructed. Free food is offered to the devotees at this temple, and lot of devotees were relieved from their diseases and problems after eating the holy Prasad. Baba Shivo is the kuldeva of Rajputs.  Muslim Devotees also come to his divine shrine especially on Sundays and Tuesdays. 

Let us worship Baba Shivo and be blessed.