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Guru Dhakshinamurthy
INTRODUCTIONGuru Dhakshinamurthy is a divine form of Lord Shiva and is the universal guru. He is worshiped as the god of knowledge and the giver of all the boons to us. He is the god of yoga and meditation. Apart from worshiping several other Guru’s like Ramakrishna, Raghavendra Swamy and Shirdi Sai Baba, Dakshinamurthy must also be worshiped as a holy guru, and must be specifically worshiped on Thursdays by offering chickpeas as neivedyam (Holy Prasad) to him.He is a supreme teacher who gives good knowledge, wisdom and Salvation to his sincere devotees.  In most of the Shiva temples, a s..
INTRODUCTIONDasharatha was a descendant of the Ikshvaku dynasty and the king of Ayodhya who lived during the Treta Yuga. His birth name was Nemi.Dasharatha was the son of the great King Aja and Indumati. He had three wives and his sons were Rama , Bharatha, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Dasharatha is a talented rider of his chariot which could move in all directions, and also would go to the divine worlds and return to the earth. He also helped the demi gods and fought with several dreaded demons and killed them in the war.Once, due to a help done by his wife Kaikeyi, towards winning in the war, D..
NTRODUCTIONDraupadi is the popular person in Mahabharata, and she is the sister of Lord Krishna. She is also considered as an aspect of Mata Parvati, and has got hundreds of temples all over India and also in some of the foreign countries. People are visiting and worshiping her shrines and their wishes are fulfilled by the grace of the holy mother Draupatiamman. She is worshiped as Panchaliamman, Mariamman and Draupati Amman. Many people worship her as their Kula Devata. She is also considered as Kali Mata, and popularly worshipped by Vanniar and Gounder sect of people of Tamil Nadu and Tigala..
INTRODUCTIONDevaki is the daughter of Devak, the sister of Kamsa, wife of Vasudeva  and the original mother of Lord Krishna. Since, king Kamsa had heard a divine voice from the sky that he is going to be killed by the eighth child of Devaki, he tortured them and killed their seven children, and put them in prison. And their eighth child Krishna was safely shifted to the palace of Nandagopa at Gokulam by Vasudeva. And Nandagopa’s female child was replaced in place of Krishna. While he attempted to kill the eighth child, the child which is the divine avatar of Mata Parvati, arouses int..
INTRODUCTIONArundhati is the wife of the sage Vashistha, and she is considered to be living in the Saptharishi Mandala, along with her husband Vashistha. We can see the rishi couples in the form of stars in the sky. She is considered as a pious woman with regard to chasteness and holiness.  Her importance is mentioned in ancient puranas and other holy texts. She is considered as the “MARVELLOUS GEM AMONG THE WOMEN”, and considers as a worshipful women. It is advisable for the newly married ladies, to worship Mata Arundhati, in order to get her blessings and to gain all the prosperities in..
INTRODUCTIONAngada is a vanara who helped Rama to find Sita and fought with Ravana.He was the son of Vali and Tara and nephew of Sugriva.Angada insisted Sugriva to immediately arrange the monkey army troupe in order to battle with Ravana and to get back Mata Sita from Ravana. Angada helped his level best during the Ramayana War.He got great energy, strength and boldness.In the Ramayana war that took place, Angada killed many great warriors of Ravana’s army, including, Ravana's son, and the army general of Ravana.After the completion of the war, Angada was praised by all the Vanaras and by Lord..
Sri Srinivasa
INTRODUCTION: Sri Srinivasa (1590-1640) belonged to Brahmin-Madhwa family, and was a great scholar and also an expert in sanskrit language. He was born in Bidarahalli. He also written many divine books, and lived a pious life. He was a great devotee of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy and lived during his period. His guru was Sri Yadavaaryaru. He lived in Honnali, Karnataka, and spread the importance of Dvaita philosophy of Sri Madhwacharya.Since he was born in an orthodox family, he followed the Brahmin customs and traditions strictly and he will never take food from the outside, and will eat ..
INTRODUCTION: Sankarankovil is a place where the famous Sankara Narayanan temple is located. In order to make the devotees of Vishnu and Shiva to realize that both of these gods are one and the same, Lord Shiva and Vishnu were appeared in this place as Sankaranarayanar.It was built by the great Pandiyan king Sri Ukkira Pandiyan during the 9th century AD. The main deity of the temple is Swamy Sankara Narayanan, consisting of the appearance of both Vishnu and Shiva.The deities found in the temple are Sri Sankareswarar, Sri Gomathi Amman and Sri Sankara Narayanar.The holy sand of this temple..
INTRODUCTION: Panchajanya is the holy conch of Lord Vishnu. According to the famous legend, Mahabharata, the great demon Panchajanya also called as Shankhasur was lived in the Ocean Prabhasa and he kidnapped the son of Sandipani, the guru of Shri Krishna and imprisoned him in his place. The guru was very much worried about the condition of his son, and asked Lord Krishna to find and bring back to him. Immediately Lord Krishna went inside the sea and fought with the powerful demon, killed him and rescued the son of his guru, and took the conch shell along with him in order to use it during..
INTRODUCTION : Nataraja is a form of Lord Shiva and he is the cosmic dancer. His dance is called as Tandavam and the details about his dance are mentioned in various sacred texts, and usually a Nataraja Idol would be found in most of the Shiva Temples. It is believed that he is dancing in order to protect the people and to maintain peace and prosperity in the earth. During Pradosham days, Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja would dance between the horns of Lord Nandi, the divine bull and attendant of Lord Shiva. Once Lord Adisesha, the divine serpent bed of Lord Vishnu, prayed to Lord Shiv..
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