God Stories

INTRODUCTION :Lord Vinayaka is the first god, and his divine appearance resembles the “OM” symbol, and he has to be compulsory worshiped in the morning, after getting from our bed, in order to destroy the obstacles which we regularly face in our daily life. Lord Vinayaka is having lot of small as well as big temples all over the world. He can be seen even under trees, and he is a very simple and lovely god. He is the favorite god for people belonging to all ages, and especially young children would like him so much, and they would consider him as their best friend. Among the various popul..
INTRODUCTION :Aadi month is meant for worshiping Amman, and devotees used to prepare Prasad items like koozh, pongal and curd rice and after showing it to the goddess, it would be distributed to the devotees, and most of the family functions like marriages and grihapravesam are not held. Particularly new business ventures would not be started during the month of Aadi. Donating money or food to the charitable houses is done especially during Aadi month.But festivals such as Aadi Peruku and Aadi Puram would be grandly celebrated during this month. During Aadi Amavasai, rituals for ancestors woul..
INTRODUCTION : Navaratri is an ancient festival, dedicated to Ma Durga, and it would be celebrated for a period of ten days. This festival usually falls during September - October. This festival is also known as the Durga Puja, and it is celebrated in order to praise Ma Durga for killing the dreaded demons and for maintaining peace and prosperity in the universe. Devotees of Durga used to observe fasting during the Navaratri festival days, in order to show their great love and affection on Ma Durga.  Durga Devi temples would be decorated in a grand manner, and afternoon food wou..
INTRODUCTION :Mankameshwar Temple is located in Agra at Uttar Pradesh, is one of the popular and oldest temples of Lord Shiva. One has to climb some steps to reach the top of the Temple, and the temple is surrounded with full of natural beauty. The Shiva Linga is self-emanated and it belongs to the previous Dwapara Yuga. This Shiva Linga contains the entire powers of Lord Shiva, and it believed that Lord Krishna and the Pandavas have worshipped this Holy Shiva Linga. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva, and there is a separate shrine for Lord Shiva. Devotees must be pure in their h..
INTRODUCTION :Mata Annapoorneshwari is an aspect of Mata Parvati, and her famous Annapoorneshwari Temple is situated at Horanadu, on the banks of the Holy River Bhadra at Karnataka.According to legend, once Lord Shiva removed one of the heads of Lord Brahma, in order to destroy his ego. Due to that, Lord Shiva had suffered from severe hunger.  Hence he went to the present place of the temple, where his consort Mata Shakti Devi, transformed into Annapoorneshwari and began to distribute food to Lord Shiva, and due to that, Shiva was relieved from his curse. It is believed that during t..
INTRODUCTION:We are considering Lord Krishna as a small child, an affectionate guru and a guiding friend. Among the various stages of Lord Krishna, we have been more attracted with child Krishna, and with his childhood plays and Leelas. Most of the married couples would be having the thoughts in their mind to get a divine child, like Lord Krishna. Though the Lord had taken the Krishna avatar before 5,000 years, but still now, we are treating the divine child as a recently born one. During the childhood itself, Krishna had removed the karmas of the people through his soft and gentle touch, and ..
INTRODUCTION :Mahabharata is the most important ancient epic, and it is considered as a great wealth in this present generation. It was written by Lord Vinayaka, when Veda Vyasa narrates the incidents from Mahabharata. But actually Veda Vyasa was considered as the author of Mahabharata. It contains all the essential requirements to lead a prosperous life. It teaches the do’s and don’ts which has to be followed in our everyday life. The Bhagavat Gita teachings given by Lord Krishna, is treated as a valuable source of reading material for the Hindus.Mahabharata is a source of unlimited knowledge..
Kula Devata
INTRODUCTION :Kula Devata also known as Kuladeva or Kuladevi is a hereditary deity, also called as Family deity in Hinduism, and they would prosper the life of their sincere devotees, and gives all kinds of goodness in their lives. Kula Devata is different from our Ishta-devata, beloved deity, Kaval Devata, guardian deity, and Gramadevata, village deity.Kuladevata would save the entire family of their devotees, from floods, earth quakes, storms and from other natural Calamities. Kuladevata is worshipped by the people, based on their belief, and the Kuladevata deity can be of male or female, an..
INTRODUCTION :‘God Bless you’, this is the best message, which would mostly be conveyed to us by our relatives, friends and our well-wishers, whenever we meet them in their homes or in some family functions. Do God, really bless us! If God really bless the people then why most of the people in the world, are suffering from various problems in their life?Some of us would be even having the doubt that whether the god really exist or not? This question usually would arise in our mind, whenever we open up the newspapers in the morning. From the Daily papers, we can find that lot of people in vario..
INTRODUCTION :Hinduism is an ancient religion, and the Hindu gods and goddess are described as supreme deities. In Vedas and Puranas, the importance of gods and goddesses are mentioned, and apart from the male gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, female goddesses like Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati are also given much importance in Hinduism. Similar to giving importance first to our mother, most of us are giving much importance to mother goddesses, since we are considering them as our divine mother.Hindus worships Parvati Devi as Shakti Devi, for getting good prospects in their life, and she is..
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