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INTRODUCTION : Jackal is considered as the divine vehicle of Mata Chamunda, an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. In some pictures, Mata Kali also appears with her divine vehicle jackal. Jackals though are wild animals, but are considered as very clever animals, and they would mostly live in the forest and in burial grounds. As per Shiva Purana, while Lord Shiva roams in the burial grounds, along with his Bootha Ganas, lot of jackals would be present along with him, and they used to protect him. Jackals are also believed to be the divine vehicle of Lord Veerabadra, an avatar of Lord Shiva...
1. KAMAKSHI AMMAN TEMPLE, KANCHIPURAMThe Goddess Kamakshi prevails in the form of Shakti. The Goddess is called as “Sri Kamakshi. Kanchi is also called as Satyavrita Kshetra . The Goddess worshipped Lord Siva by creating a mud idol in Kanchi. Though there are many Shiva temples in the city, the only temple to have the sanctorum of the goddess is ‘SRI KAMAKSHI AMMAN TEMPLE’. There are also eight other Shakti goddesses surrounding the temple.2. TRIPURA SUNDARI TEMPLE, TRIPURATripura Sundari Temple is situated in the ancient Udaipur, about 55 km from Agartala, it is believed to be one of the anci..
Chitra Pournami
INTRODUCTION :Chitra Pournami is an Indian festival celebrated by Hindus throughout India. It is observed on the day of the full moon in the month of Chithirai which falls on April or May. The festival is dedicated to Lord Chitragupta, a divine accountant, who is recording the good and bad deeds done by the people and reporting their life accounts to his master Lord Yama, the death god. Chitragupta would forgive the sins of his sincere devotees, and puja is performed on Chitra Pournami by his devotees. On the Chitra Pournami festival day, many devotees would observe fasting and bath in th..
Baba Shivo
INTRODUCTION: Baba Shivo (14th century AD) who was also known as Goran Baba, is a village deity, worshiped in the villages of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. He is considered as a saint and contains the features of Lord Shiva. He was the son of the King, who ruled the Pattan Town at Kashmir. According to legend, Shivo was the disciple of Gorakhnath, and he obtained divine powers from him.King Ladh dev and his queen had left their kingdom, and went to the forest, and worshiped Gorakhnath, and through his blessings, Shivo was born to them.  Shivo was a brave child who used to playfully p..
INTRODUCTION :Salabega (16th century AD) was an Odisha poet and a great Saint, who dedicated his entire life towards singing in praise of Lord Jagannath, a form of Lord Krishna.Salabega occupies a main place among the devotees of Lord Jagannath. He was born in a village in Odisha during the year 1607 AD. His father was a Muslim warrior and his mother was a noble house wife. Salabega also participated in the wars along with his father. Once he was severely wounded in a battle, and when was about to die, he chanted the glorious names of Lord Krishna and immediately he got relieved from his wound..
Various methods of worships
INTRODUCTION :Various methods of worships are there. We can choose any method, according to our suitability. Apart from worshiping the god, we can worship him by doing Pujas, Abhishekhams, Homams, applying Sandal paste, adorning Vada Mala, flowers, garlands, ornaments and decorating him with flowers etc. Giving Thulabaram in temples is another kind of worship. Abhishekhams are of various types, such as Coconut water Abhishekham, Milk Abhishekham, Ghee Abhishekham, Honey Abhishekham and Fruit juice Abhishekham etc. By doing Ahishekham to the deities, our health related problems would definitely..
Worshiping of snake deities
INTRODUCTION :Worshiping of snake deities is considered as a very holy task, and it would remove our sins, and sufferings from poisonous diseases and viruses, and safeguards us from snake bites. Snake worship is commonly found in all parts of India, and North Indians used to worship Mata Manasa Devi as their beloved snake goddess. In Tamil Nadu, devotees would worship Nagathamman as their snake goddess. Both Mata Manasa and Nagathamman are the forms of Mata Parvati, and help us during difficult times, and remove our tensions and worries, and would cool down our mind.Adisesha is worshiped as th..
INTRODUCTION: Navagrahas are the nine celestial demi gods of the universe. Human life is based on the functioning of the Navagrahas, and it is based on the planetary positions of our horoscope, also known as birth chart. If the planetary positions are favorable as per our horoscope, our life would become easier, or if it is unfavorable, our life would become difficult. Navagrahas occupies an important place in our daily life, and they would give goodness or badness based on their ruling as per our horoscope. Though there is no need to get afraid of the Navagrahas, but we must necessarily ..
INTRODUCTION :Mayindan is considered as one of the chief warriors in the Vanara Army, and he was controlled by the Vanara king Sugriva. He participated in the war held between Rama and Ravana, and fought bravely and killed lot of demons, and he was high praised by Sugriva for his valour. When Vibishana wanted to take refuge with Rama, it was the great Mayinda who talked to Rama in favour of Vibhishana along with Hanuman, and asked Rama to give shelter to Vibishana, and he considered Vibhishana as a pious and holy demon.Among the several Vanaras, it was Mayinda who looked calm and acted in a ri..
INTRODUCTION :Nandini is the holy cow, and she is the daughter of the divine cow “KAMADHENU”. She was mentioned in ancient Vedas and Upanishads and she was highly praised for granting all types of necessary things in our life. During the Treta Yuga, she was owned by Rishi Vashista, and she gave milk to him for doing Abhishekham to the Shivalingam, and she also grants all types of necessary things needed for doing Yagna and other rituals to the holy Rishi.Once she was abducted by the divine Vasus from the Ashram of Vashista, and due to that, Rishi Vashista had cursed them to take birth in the e..
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