Khetlaji is a village deity of Rajasthan. His main shrine is situated in the village Sonana in Rajasthan. The temple festival is held every year during May-June in honour of the great Khetlaji. Khetlaji is considered as the divine AMSHA of Lord Kala Bhairava, and he is the protector of the Rajasthani people. He is considered as an affectionate father god, and hence he is fondly called by his devotees as Pitaji. His other shrines are situated throughout Rajasthan. He is the Kula Deva of the Kataria community of people in Rajasthan. He is mainly worshiped during the marriage and birth anniversary functions.

Khetlaji would remove the fear from our minds, and protects us during our travels, and stay                       with us in all walks of our life, and would show his love on us like our affectionate father.

Similar to the Village gods like Veer Tejaji and Baba Ramdevji, he is also worshipped widely by the people of Rajasthan.

Let us worship Pita Khetlaji and be blessed.