God Stories

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna is a friend, philosopher, a guide and a god to everyone. The great sage Narayana took the avatar as Lord Krishna alongwith the great sage Nara who took the avatar as Arjuna.Both of them meditated deeply in the Naimisharanya forest for several thousands of years and then took the avatar as Lord Krishna and the Great Warrior Arjuna in Dwapar Yuga. Lord Krishna even as a child, has done many miracles and protected the yadava community. His divine beauty cannot be described in full. The way he steals the butter and cheese from the Yadavas which was described in Srimad Bhagavatha was v..
Takshaka – Snake God
Takshaka was a great Nagaraja who was mentioned in the Indian epic, Mahabharatha. He was known for his great powers, knowledge and wisdom. He gained a lot of popularity among other NAGAS. He is the friend of Lord Indra Deva.Takshaka belonged to the Ikshvaku dynasty. He was a descendant of Shri Rama. Takshaka's son was killed in the battle by Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna.Takshaka lived in the Khandav forest. Arjuna burned that forest. At that time the Naga chief Takshaka was not there, having gone to Kurukshetra. But Aswasena, the mighty son of Takshaka, was t..
Daksha Prajapati
Daksha Prajapati is one of the sons of Lord Brahma. His wife was Prasuti and they had 27 daughters and they all got married to Lord Chandra. Another daughter was Goddess Sati and she got married to Lord Shiva.Daksha once organized a yaga and he invited all the divine counter parts to attend the yaga and he intentionally avoided his daughter Sati, since he dislike Lord Shiva. Even though, Sati Devi has not been invited by Daksha, she went to the yaga without Lord Shiva. But there she was insulted by Daksha and she set herself immolated in the sacrificial fire.After hearing about the terrible in..
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