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INTRODUCTION :Ma Aranyani Devi is the forest goddess. She is also called as Vana Devata, and Vana Bhagavathy, and she is considered to be the guardian of the animals living in the forest. She also protects the forest from thieves and from natural calamities like storm, earth quake and floods.Goddess Aranyani, is a form of Ma Shakti Devi and she has been protecting the forests since several centuries. Sometimes the holy mother Aranyani used to dance in the dense forests, and it would be witnessed only by her sincere devotees. The Aranya Devi Temple is located in Bihar. Before few centuries, she..
INTRODUCTION :Poleramma is the Village guardian goddess, and she is mostly worshiped by the people in Andhra Pradesh. Poleramma is an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi, and she is worshiped since ancient times. As per legend, she was born in a village at Andhra Pradesh in a pious Telugu family, and her brother is Pothuraju, who is also considered as a guardian god by the devotees of Ma Poleramma.Usually her shrine would be a small one, and it would be situated only in the outside of the village, and it would be constructed with only ordinary stones, since the great divine mother, doesn’t want to e..
INTRODUCTION :Makara Jyothi is a bright divine star which would appear in the sky on 14th January of every year at Sabarimala, and large number of Ayyappa devotees would have the darshan of this holy star. As per legend, it is believed that Lord Ayyappan itself took the form of Makara Jyothi, in order to bless his devotees.Every year, lot of devotees would observe fasting for 41 days to visit the holy Sabarimala Temple. Large number of devotees would visit Lord Ayyappa during November and December months in order to avoid heavy rush during Makara Jyothi. However, still lot of people are visiti..
INTRODUCTION : Goddess Lakshmi also called as Mahalakshmi, is the consort of Lord Vishnu, and the fulfiller of wishes of her devotees, and she is highly praised in the Rigveda. She is the cosmic energy of Vishnu, and is considered as one of the chief deities of Hinduism. She is seen in the pictures along with Goddess Saraswati and Parvati. In pictures, she can be seen seated in a lotus flower, and also holds lotus in her hands, and contains shining face with full of beauty, and her vehicle is an owl. By worshiping her, she shows motherly affection on us, and she would give all kinds of pr..
INTRODUCTION : Lord Shiva is a popular god in Hinduism, and he is known as Mahadeva, Maheswara, Nataraja, Shankara and by several other names. He is considered as the supreme god, and he is one of the Trimurties. He contains an attractive face with a glittering body, used to wear snakes as ornaments, and used to apply the sacred ash all over his body, and he is having three eyes. The third eye is used by him during the time of destruction. Similar to Lord Vishnu, he is widely worshiped throughout the world, by the Hindus.He was married with Mata Sati Devi, who is also known as Parvati Dev..
INTRODUCTION :Udupi Sri Krishna Temple is a popular Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, who appears in the form of Child Krishna, also called as Balakrishna, and it is located in Udupi in Karnataka. Udupi is a sacred place, since it contains the Holy temple of Lord Krishna, as well as the other Holy temples such as the Udupi Anantheshwara Temple and Chandramouleeswara Temple.The Udupi Krishna Mutt was founded by the Dvaita Saint, Shri Madhwacharya in the 13th century AD. Madhwacharya, was an incarnation of Lord Vayu Deva, and he was a highly knowledgeable person, and he was efficient in..
INTRODUCTION :Ila also called as Sudyumna is mentioned in the Puranas as the son of Lord Manu, the mind born son of Lord Brahma. Ila is an ancient ruler of the Lunar dynasty. He is also mentioned in the Vedas, and his son was Pururavas.Ila was actually born as a male, but due to a curse, he was transformed into a female. Then due to the powers of Sage Vasishta, in a month, for fifteen days, he appeared in the form of a male, and in the next fifteen days, he appeared in the form of a female. Once when Ila took the form of female, she roamed in a dense forest, and there she saw Lord Budhan, and ..
INTRODUCTION :Jwalini is the consort of Lord Mangala, the Lord of planet Mars, and the god of Tuesday. He looks red in colour and hence his planet is known as red planet. Lord Mangala contains the features of Lord Muruga, and he is also believed to be an incarnation of Lord Veerabhadra, a noble avatar of Lord Shiva. According to ancient texts, it is believed that he was born from the powers of Lord Shiva. Mata Jwalini was mentioned in ancient Vedas and Puranas, and she is considered to be an ancient deity. As per legend, she was born from the smile of Mata Parvati. Once when Mata Parvati ..
INTRODUCTION :  Archi was a pious queen and she contains the features of Mata Lakshmi Devi. Archi was mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana and her consort was King Prithu, an AMSHA of Lord Vishnu.  Her husband, King Prithu was an able king, and through his spiritual powers, rain was showered in all the seasons and the crops were grown properly. Prithu had performed many yagnas and pleased the divine devas and also used to regularly donate food and other necessary things to the people.Archi and Prithu considered their people as their own children, and provided them with all sorts of..
INTRODUCTION : As per Mahabharata, during the Kurukshetra war, all of the hundred sons of Gandhari were killed in the battle. Due to that, Gandhari had become very angry with Lord Krishna, and as a result, she cursed Krishna, that the entire Yadavas would be destroyed after 36 years. Similarly, after the completion of 36 years, severe clash occurred between the Yadavas, and they were killed by each other. On seeing this incident, Lord Balarama, had left his body through meditation, and went to Vaikunta. Lord Krishna also wanted to leave his body, and hence he rested under a tree in a..
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