Ma Aranyani Devi is the forest goddess. She is also called as Vana Devata, and Vana Bhagavathy, and she is considered to be the guardian of the animals living in the forest. She also protects the forest from thieves and from natural calamities like storm, earth quake and floods.

Goddess Aranyani, is a form of Ma Shakti Devi and she has been protecting the forests since several centuries. Sometimes the holy mother Aranyani used to dance in the dense forests, and it would be witnessed only by her sincere devotees. The Aranya Devi Temple is located in Bihar. Before few centuries, she fulfilled the wishes of the then Bihar ruler and his queen, and blessed them to give birth to a noble child. In order to thank the divine mother, the king and the queen had constructed a temple for Ma Aranya Devi, and in this temple, along with the idol of Ma Aranya Devi, his sister Ma Durga’s idol was also installed. It is suggested for those who want to visit the forest, to worship the holy mother Aranya, in order to travel to the forest without any difficulties. It is also suggested for the forest department officials and the forest staffs to worship the holy mother, in order to discharge their day to day duties peacefully. Due to that, the holy mother would safeguard them from wild animals, thieves and from forest fire. 

The holy mother and the consort of Lord Shiva Ma Parvati, is taking different forms in order to protect their children. At this present yuga, worshipping the holy Ma Durga would give good benefits in our life. Similar to our human mother, who is always thinking about our welfare, she also thinks about our wellbeing only. Hence let us worship Ma Aranya Devi wholeheartedly, and we can also see the divine videos of Ma Aranya Devi from the YouTube Channel.