Temple Vahanas


Temple Vahanas would be found before the idol of the deities. Lord Nandikeswarar would be seated in a good looking posture, and he would keep on watching the idol of his divine master Lord Shiva, without even blinking his eyes. Similarly Lord Garuda also used to appear before the idol of Lord Vishnu. In Murugan temples, Mayura (Peacock) Vahana would be seen before the main idol of Lord Muruga, and similarly Mushika(Divine Mouse) would be seated before the shrine of Lord Ganesa.

The Urchava Vahana Idol would be used during the procession of the idols. The Urchava deity would be seated in the Urchava Vahana and the temple staffs would carry the Vahana with greater interest and enthusiasm and they would march the nearby streets and used to give the Holy Prasad to the devotees.

In ancient times, the celebration was made with very much happiness in the minds of the devotees. At that time, there was no pollution and no motor vehicles were there. Most of the places situated nearby the temples would be covered with green vegetation and the devotees eyes would stick with the deities.

Temple Vahanas occupy a major role during the times of temple festivals and procession in the streets. It is believed that if we tell our worries to the divine Vahanas, they would convey it to their masters, and based on that, our life would get improved. The holy Vahanas are having greater powers similar to their masters, and worshipping them, along with their divine masters, would fetch us good prospects in our life.

Let us worship Lord Garuda Bhagavan and Nandi Bhagavan and be blessed.