Pigs are worshipful animals according to Hinduism, since pigs contain the features of Lord Varaha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Once the demon, Hiranyaksha had thrown the earth into the ocean, and due to that, Lord Vishnu took the Varaha Avatar, and fought with the demon, and brought back the earth from the ocean, and placed the divine earth goddess, Bhudevi into the original position. 

Pigs are classified as black and white in colour. Black pigs looks very ugly, and used to eat dirty things, whereas, most of the white pigs are reared by the people in the villages, and used to keep them in their gardens or in pig shelters, and provide them vegetables and fruit wastages as food for them. After they have grown up, they would be killed for the purpose of meat, and it would be consumed by some pork meat lovers. But in general, pigs are not meant for killing for meat, since it resembles the divine avatar “Adi Varaha Perumal”, and having the meat of the white pork, would make the Varaha avatar to get angry on us, and he would punish us severally. Pigs are mentioned in ancient texts, and they are considered as holy and pious. They got great power, and sometimes, they would fight with the wild animals like tiger and lion for safeguarding themselves from their fierce attacks.

Pigs can be provided with food wastages and can be brought up by us with much care and attention. By adopting a pig at our home, would give all kinds of prosperities to us, and our life would become brighter. By showing kindness on pigs, we would get the divine blessings of Mata Bhudevi also. Those who give respect to the pigs, and treat them properly, would be blessed by the divine gods in the heaven.

Let us praise Lord Varaha Bhagavan and Mata Bhudevi and be blessed.