The Skanda Guru Kavacham, also known as armour is written by Sri Santhanatha Swamigal, who was a great saint, staunch devotee and a slave to Lord Skanda. He has formed a wonderful temple for Lord Muruga, also called as Sri Skandasrama located near Salem.

Similar to Sri Kanthar Sashti Kavasam, Sri Santhaanantha Swaamigal's "Skanda Guru Kavasam," is another popular Tamil Holy Text, which was written in praise of Lord Murugan by considering him as the Universal Divine Guru. Guru is a spiritual teacher, mentor and he is the one who removes the darkness of his disciples and shows them the correct spiritual path, and they also helps in removing the sufferings of their disciples, followers and also the common public. In Puranas and Vedas, the significance of the Guru is mentioned in a detailed manner, and they also considered as the aspects of Trimurty. In the Kaurama sect, Lord Muruga is considered as the superior god than that of the Trimurti, and he is worshipped all over India, even in some of the foreign countries.

Skanda Guru Kavasam is written in order to invoke the Murugan Bhakti in the minds of the people. Since Lord Muruga has acted as a Guru to his father Lord Shiva himself, he is regarded as a “GREAT UNIVERSAL GURU”, and this Kavacham is written in order to tell about the great significance of Muruga Bhagavan, who acts like a best teacher and a god to everyone.

Let’s recite regularly some of the below mentioned verses from the sacred Sri Skanda Guru Kavacham:-

Let Sri Skanda's blessings shower on all of us.

Oh Lord Vinayaka, you are the elder brother of Skanda,Who rides on a beautiful mouse, who is the base of everything, let us worship him before going through the Holy Text Sri Skanda Guru Kavacham.

I offer my humble Salutations to Skanda, who is also called by several names, who contains sweetness like the divine nectar, who looks very pretty, whose face is filled up with full of radiance, who shows light in the dark, who leads us to the gateway of heaven.

I offer my humble salutations to the great guru, Sri Kumara Kadaval, who gives abundant knowledge and wisdom to us, who acts as a saviour for everyone. Oh my Skanda Guru, Please come, please come.

Oh My God, please come before me in the form of a Divine Guru

to teach me all the necessary subjects and grant salvation to me. Oh my Skanda Guru, Please come, please come.

Oh my Lord Skanda I would always keep singing about you, I would praise, praise and praise about the six headed Lord Muruga, who resides in his six abodes, and blesses his devotees, who visit his temple shrines.

Oh, My Divine Guru, please live within my soul,Please tell me the secret Mantra, which you have once told to your father Lord Shiva,Oh Lord you are the Guru to Lord Shiva himself, Oh God, who was eagerly settled down in his six earthly abodes.

O My God Muruga, who beautifully appears with his six faces, who showers his mercy towards his devotees, Oh Kumara please show your divine vision, please come before me in order to express your love upon us, and please help me to cross the ocean of life,Oh Lord Muruga, who appears with a Divine Spear, Vel, Please bring your Vel in order to remove my diseases.

Oh Lord of Thirchendur, who saved the celestial devas, from the clutches of demon Surapadman who appears in the form of fire flames,who contains rich ornaments on his body,Oh Muruga, God of hills, please grant me sufficient knowledge,
and remove the lust from my mind.

Oh the Lord of Palani, whose head and feet could not be found who cannot be measured by any one,
who would wipe out our sins, who is worshipped by the Holy Rivers like River Ganges and River Yamuna, who is very fond of reciting the Shiva Mantra, “

Oh my Dear Muruga, whoever chants your Mantra, would be relieved from evil spirits and from sins and diseases.

Oh Kanda who lives on the heart of his devotees, Oh my precious god, who used to well-study the minds of his devotees, who shows the spiritual light.

Oh my great Muruga of Thiruporur, I offer my humble salutations to your holy feet.
Oh my Dear six faced god, please remove my desires, remove all of my worldly bondages,please do come fast to take me to your abode, the wonderful Sri Skanda Loka.

Oh Vayalur Muruga, please grant me the boon of worshipping you always, even without leaving a single moment in my life.

Please give me the true happiness by the way of sticking permanently on my mind.
Oh my Dear Kadhir Gama, please remove the worldly illusion from my mind,please enter into my heart,and give me enough strength to discharge my duties without any difficulties.

Oh my Divine Guru, please remove all of my worries, please remove my bad fate,please protect me throughout my life.

Oh Kanda, remove my poverty and remove the death related fear from my mind.

Please come and give me a stable mind, since my mind is getting diverted very easily.

Oh Kumara, the Lord of Six houses, please come fast before me by riding on your beautiful peacock.
Oh Kanda, after surrendering at your lotus feet, I feel very happy.

Oh the god of kindness,
you are the ultimate god, who acts like a one man army, I love you so much, Love means Muruga, Muruga means Love.

Oh Muruga, I have created a wonderful temple for you, within my mind,and from that temple, I am worshipping you daily, and I also perform holy bath to you from my mind temple.

Oh God, Please control my senses, and make me to shower love upon everybody in the earth, my mind is filled up with full of dirt, please cleanse my sins and purify my mind.Oh son of Parvathi who is worshipped even by the Trimurti,
who protects everybody through his divine spear. Oh My Lord, Please come to my place in order to rescue me from this difficult world.

Oh Muruga, you are the root cause of everything, you are dwelling in the sacred ash, also called as “THIRUNEERU”, you treats everyone as alike, you contain wonderful features,and you acts as our guardian.

Oh son of Parvathi, please remove my fear and grant me the eternal peace,I want your full grace, and it is your duty,
to give it to me, Please make me to follow the Bhakti path,
Please give me the power of wisdom and grant good qualities. I want to serve you permanently under your lotus feet as your slave.

Oh Shanmuga, please protect me from all directions.

Let my head and hair be protected by you, Oh Lord Muruga, Let your Divine Spear (Vel) protect both of my eyes.

Let the flag of cock protect both of my ears,
Let the child of Ma Ganga protect both of my cheeks.
Let the great son of Shiva and Parvathi protect my lips.
Let the Six headed god Muruga protect my tongue and Let him protect my teeth.

Let the tender hands of Skanda protect my neck,
Let Lord Velayudham protect both of my shoulders.
Let Lord Karthigeya protect the fingers of my hands.
Let the consort of Ma Valli and Devasena protect my chest and stomach.
Let my mind be protected by Lord Muruga.

Let Skanda rests peacefully on my heart.

Let my belly be protected by the son of Uma Maheswari.

Let my nerves and muscles be well-protected by the divine peacock of Lord Muruga.

Let my blood become pure, by applying the sacred ash of Lord Muruga all over my body, and let us sanctify him by the way of chanting his powerful Mantras.

Let my entire body be well-protected by Lord Muruga.

Let me offer my humble salutations to Lord Muruga, who has helped me in writing the divine text, Sri Skanda Guru Kavacham.


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