Raghavendra Swamy is a great Guru, and he can also be treated as a Demi-god, since he is the incarnation of Lord Shankukarna, the Divine Attendant of Lord Brahma. But some of the devotees would call him as “KADAVULE”, “BHAGAVANE”, god, due to their staunch bhakti on him. As per the Madhwa Philosophy, Raghavendra Swamy must be considered only as a Guru, but, based on the significance of his previous avatars we can also consider him to be the Chief most demi-god, similar to the Prajapatis, Lord Daksha Bhagavan and Lord Manu.

Most of his devotees believe him to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, since Guru Raghavendra has performed lot of miracles on their lives. Hence he can be described as a beloved deity to his devotees, and as a popular Madhwa Saint. After the completion of his tenure in the Mantralayam Brindavana, Guru Raghavendra would return to Satya Loka, the Holy abode of Lord Brahma Deva, and then, he would transform into his original form, Sri Shanku Karna Deva and start doing his divine service under his master Lord Brahma Deva.

During the time of our death bed, hearing the Mantras of GURU RAGHAVENDRA is highly advisable. Guru Raghavendra acts as a mediator between us and god, and, hence, we would get a fearless and peaceful death. Worrying about our next birth is of no use, and we have to leave such types of worries under the lotus feet of Guru Raghavendra.

In a famous Kannada Bhakti song, Guru Raghavendra is described as the treasurer of Punya, since, whoever worships him sincerely, and does good activities, can avail some good Karma from the treasurer Guru Raghavendra. Our Guru would also recommend to the Divine Accountant Sri Chitra Gupta, to write off some of our bad karmas, when it was performed by us even without our knowledge.

Guru Raghavendra Swamy is the most unforgettable Saint, since he dwells in the souls of his devotees, and showers his abundant grace like the vast Ocean. Similar to the Holy River Ganges, he is cleansing our sins, gives food and quenches our thirst by creating rainfall even in the parched desert region. He is the Holy Devata Sri Shanku Karna, the Brave, prestigious, generous and courageous Sri Prahalada Bhagavata, the great emperor Sri Bahlika Raja, and the Holy Madhwa Saint Sri Vyasaraja.


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