Saraneshwar Mahadev Temple is an ancient famous Shiva temple, and it is located in Rajasthan. Lord Saraneshwara is the Kula deva for many ancient kings in Rajasthan, and still he is the Kula Deva for some community people in Rajasthan. Major renovation works were done to this temple during the16th century. 

A big Hanuman Idol welcomes us to the temple, and it is located in the outside of the temple. Along with the main Shiva Linga, hundreds of Shiva Lingas are found inside the temple. Few temple elephants also can be found nearby the entrance of the temple, and it warmly welcomes us by gently raising its trunks on us. There is a sacred temple tank, and pilgrims can utilize it by taking holy bath on full moon day and no moon day. Monthly festivals and annual festivals are celebrated in a grand manner at this temple. As per legend, it is believed that the great Ujjain kings Vikramaditya and Bhojaraja had visited this holy temple, and also donated gold and silver to the temple. Lord Shiva is the supreme god, and he has got lot of temples all over the world. Devotees would get great mental relief by chanting the “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA MANTRA”. Lot of foreigners are also visiting Shiva temples in India, and especially they are visiting the “Arunachala Temple” at Thiruvannamalai, for getting peace of mind. Good health and peace of mind is essential for all the human beings in the world.  

Without having peace of mind, we cannot live our life in a full-fledged manner. In order to live our life happily and peacefully, we must have to develop the habit of visiting ancient temples of Lord Shiva. Among the popular ancient Shiva Temples, Saraneshwar Shiva Temple is considered as one of the most sacred temples, and hence, let us try to visit this holy temple at least once in our life time.