Satyadharma Tirtha


Satyadharma Tirtha (1743-1830) was a Madhwa saint and philosopher, and he served as the pontiff of Uttaradi Mutt from 1797-1830. Satyadharma Tirtha was born in the year 1743 in Haveri district in Karnataka in a holy Madhwa family. His birth name was Purushottamacharya. His guru was Satyavara Tirtha and his disciple and successor was Satya Sankalpa Tirtha. He has written various devotional texts, and was widely praised for his good works. 

He attained Samadhi in the year 1830 at Shimoga, Karnataka. He considered himself as a slave of Lord Rama, and dedicated his life on singing Bhakti songs on him. He was expert in regional languages and was familiar in Madhwa’s philosophy, Bhagavatham, Bhagavat Gita and Vishnu Puran. He lived a pious life and he is still blessing his devotees from his Samadhi Shrine.


Always bow your head before the almighty and offer your prayers, and doing regular pujas at your home would bring all kinds of prosperities to your life.

Always act in the path of Dharma and do good things to others and don’t be adamant and arrogant with others.

Before the completion of your life, keep your full of devotion on the almighty.

Attract others by your kind behavior, and eat simple and sattvic food, and eat your food by sharing with others.

Chant the Rama mantra regularly for getting good health and wealth. Consider Lord Rama as your best friend and share your happiness and sufferings with him, and he would talk to you in your dreams.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.