There is a famous Muthumariamman Temple situated at Agaram, Chennai – 600 082, located nearby Thiru.Vi.Ka Bus Terminus. Though the temple is small in size, but the deity present in the main shrine is very powerful. The Holy mother goddess Muthumariamman would show affection on her devotees like our own mother, and by seeing her beautiful face, we would forget all of our worries, and happiness would blossom in our lives.

Along with the main shrine, a small Navagraha shrine, shrine for Sapthakannimar, Shrines for Lord Vinayaka and Muruga, and beautiful images of Ashtalakshmi were carved in the temple walls. Devotees from all parts of Chennai would visit this temple in order to get the glimpse of Ma Shakti Devi. Lot of female devotees would assemble in front of the shrine during Tuesdays and Fridays and would offer lemon garlands and flower garlands to Amman. This Amman looks very attractive with a pleasing smile, and whoever worships her sincerely would get peace of mind, and their life would go smoothly.

During Aadi month, Pongal and Kuzh would be offered to the holy Amman, and in the speakers nice Amman devotional songs would be played. Some of the devotees in the temple also shared with me about their wonderful experiences and the miracles performed by the Holy Amman to them in their lives. She had removed the dreaded diseases of the children, removed mental disorders, black magic problems and also enlightened the lives of her devotees.

In Chennai, there are hundreds of Amman temples. Among those temples, Muthumariamman Temple is popular among the Amman devotees, since she is considered as the favourite mother goddess. Some people’s Kula Devata is Muthumariamman, and those who are not aware of their Kula Devata, can also worship Ma Muthumariamman by considering her as their Kula Devata.