Mangala is the name for the red planet mars, according to hindu mythology. He is the warrior god and also contains the features of Lord Murugan. According to some ancient texts, he is believed to be the son of Bhumi Devi and Lord Vishnu. Whereas in other texts, it is stated that he was born from Shiva's power. He is also mentioned in the rig veda and also in many ancient texts. Mangala is the god of Tuesday as per the Hindu calendar.  Mangala is one among the Navagrahas. His appearance is red colour, with weapons in his hand. And his right hand shows a blessing posture. And in one hand he carries the lotus. His vehicle is a ram.

His other names are as follows:

1. Angaraka 

2. Raktavarna 

3. Bhauma

4. Lohitanga 

5. Kuja 

6. Bha 


Mangala, the god of Tuesday is worshiped by the hindus as a powerful god. Persons who are suffering from Angaraka dosham are advised to worship him at Vaitheeswaran kovil, Tamilnadu, to get rid of the evil effects caused by the planet mars. Those who are not able to visit the temple at vaitheeswaran kovil, can visit any shiva temple and worship Lord Angaraka in the navagraha sannidhi of the temple. We can worship him with red rose and also can do archanai and abhishekham to him, in order to please him. It is also better to go the amman temples and murugan temples on Tuesdays. It is also advisable to offer food to the poor and the needy on Tuesdays at any murugan, amman or shiva temple, in order to reduce the problems caused by the planet mars (angaraka) . We can make a simple worship to him, and that is enough in order to please him and will give all sorts of prosperity in our life. He expects only sincere bhakti from us. We can also chant various names and slokas of angaraka, in order to get better results in our life. Let us worship him and be blessed.