Shukra is the planet Venus, one of the Navagrahas. He is also the god of Friday as per the Hindu calendar. He is also known as Shukracharya, and is the guru for Asuras. He is mentioned as the son of Sage Bhrigu, and Kavyamata. And his wife is Jayanti, and their daughter is Devayani. Velleeswarar Temple, Mangadu is a famous temple for worshipping Lord Shukra. It is situated near poonamallee, Chennai. Agneeswarar Temple situated at Kanjanur, near kumbakonam is also a famous temple for worshipping Lord Shukra. As per the great epic Mahabharata, Shukracharya was the guru of Bhishma, and taught various divine subjects to him. Shukracharya is mentioned in most ancient hindu texts, and also in Buddhist texts.


By worshipping Lord Shukra we can get courage, confidence, wealth and happiness in our life, based on our planetary position. He will also give a happy married life with good children in our life. He is a very ancient demi god. He likes white rice, sugar and white fruits. It is better to offer these things as naivedyam (Prasad) to him in order to get good results in our life. We can please Lord Shukra by doing the following activities:

1. Worshipping goddess Lakshmi on Fridays with white flowers.

2. Doing various charity on Fridays will please Lord Shukra.

3. Wearing white coloured clothes on Fridays.

4. Going to the respective temples mentioned for Shukra on Fridays, or going to shiva temples, and visiting the navagraha shrine and by doing archanai and abhishekham and decorating him with flowers.

5. Doing abhishekham for goddess Lakshmi will please Shukra and will give good fortunes in our life.

6. By chanting the mantra meant for shukra for several thousands of times as a daily practice.

7. He is also a great devotee of Lord Shiva, and worshiping him and chanting shiva mantra will also please him.

He was the guru for many famous asura kings, such as Bhakt Prahalad and his descendants such as mahabali and banasura, and guided them properly. He removes the negativity of thoughts and suicidal thoughts from our mind, and will make us to live peacefully and happily. He will also cure various dreaded diseases and mind related problems. We will get great strength and power in our mind and body by worshipping him. Lord Shukra is a great demi god, and possessed all good qualities and was the most powerful Navagraha. By worshipping him, with utmost faith and bhakti will benefit us in the long run. Let us worship him, and be blessed.