Devi Bhujangam is a wonderful Stotra written by Sri Adishankara in praise of Ma Shakti Devi. During his life time, Adishankara had visited lot of Shiva and Shakti Temples, and he also visited the Shakti Peethas. He used to sing wonderful songs in praise of the deities before their shrines. Devi Bhujangam is considered as one of the master pieces of Adishankara, and his divine contribution is very great, and in most of the homes of the Shakti Upasakas, this wonderful Stotra of Devi Bhujangam would be recited.

The beautiful contents present in the Devi Bhujangam are as follows:-

Let us be protected by Ma Devi, who is well known as Shakti Devi, and she is the one, who is the pious and the beautiful consort of Lord Shankara,

Who sits near to Lord Shiva, and embraces him with great love and devotion, and she is the one who holds various weapons on her hands.

I regularly worship the powerful goddess who sits on her lion, and who contains half of the body of Lord Shiva. 

Oh Ma Bhavani , Jaganmatha, Jaganmohini, Hey Ma Amba, Ambika, Ananta Swaroopini, you have been worshipped by Lord Brahma, Indra and other Devas, and just by worshipping you at least once in a day, we would get great joy and utmost satisfaction in our life.

The great sages like Dhurvasha and Agastiya are bowing their heads on you with great devotion, and all of your devotees are praising about you in the form of songs, Mantras and by way of reciting your holy names.

Oh Ma Devi, please remove me from my bondages in this worldly life and make me to reside permanently at your abode, the Holy Kailash.

Oh Ma Devi, you are the one who gives us great courage, wisdom, boldness and strength. Your mercy on us is unlimited and we are considering you as our divine mother.

This world is going to be destroyed on one day, but you remain for ever in this world, and you would bless all of your devotees.

Oh Ma Devi, you have been called by various names like Gowri, Bhavani, Parvati, Chamundi, Durga and Shakti and many more.

Oh my worshipful mother, I have become very tired in this human life, please make me to cross the life ocean and make me to reside at your holy feet.

Oh Ma Devi, you are like the wish fulfilling tree Kalpavrisksha and the divine cow Kamadhenu, please satisfy all of our reasonable needs and make us to blossom in our life like the lotus flower.

Oh mother, you are the controller of all the planets, and that’s why you have been called as “NAVAGRAHA NAYAKI”, please help us to get rid from various doshams such as Navagraha Doshams and Naga Doshams.

Oh Ma Devi, you are the one who meditates in the holy Kailash like a Yogini, and your face shines similar to millions of suns. 

You contain great divine beauty and you even compete Lord Manmadha with regard to beauty, and those who meditates on you would attain great beauty even at their old age.

Oh Ma Devi, you are the one, who wore precious golden ornaments, and your sari beautifully decorates your body, and you contain great beauty than the Divine Apsaras in the heaven. 

Oh my holy Mother, I don’t want to close my eyes even for a single second, since I want to enjoy your divine beauty again and again.

Oh My Divine Mother, those who sincerely worship you, would be free from their worries and they would attain the great eternal bliss in their lives.

Oh my precious Mother, by sanctifying your glories, I am getting more and more happiness, and I want to always praise your glories.

Oh my wonderful Mother, those who suffer from severe diseases would get relieved from that, just by merely uttering your name.

Oh my holy Mother, I kept you in my soul, and I have built a wonderful temple for you in my soul. In that mind temple, I am worshipping you daily, and I am also lighting holy lamps for your divine shrine.

Oh my marvellous mother, I meditate on you, and you are the one, who wears the crescent moon on your head

and contains the sugarcane bow on your hands

and you are the lovely consort of Lord Shiva.

Oh My Mother let my tongue always chant your glories, let my head bow on you, let my eyes watch your divine beauty, let my legs walk around your temples, let my hands worship you, let my mind always think about you, you and you only.

Oh My worshipful mother, you are the origin of Vedas, and you are the one, 

who is capable of protecting the entire universe,

you are the one, who holds a beautiful parrot on your hands, and you are the sweet consort of Lord Shiva.

Oh my great protector. Please remove the thorns on my path, and place rose flowers on my path, safeguard me always, and be with me like my shadow. Let me sit on your lap and let me enjoy the great spiritual pleasure, and the wonderful feeling cannot be expressed in words.