Puja means expressing our love and devotion on god by doing certain kind of activities, like worshiping the god by chanting his names, performing deeparadanai, abhishekham and doing homams in the temples. There are various types of puja like Shiva Puja, Satyanarayana puja, Lakshmi puja, durga puja etc. Whatever puja we performs, we must do it with sincere dedication and devotion on god, and must have utmost faith on him. We should not lose our hope and keep on worshiping him even while doing our daily routines.

By performing puja to the deities, we would feel a sense of satisfaction in our mind, and we would feel secure and safe. Our negative thoughts would be removed and positive vibrations would flow in our body from top to bottom. If we do the puja with sincerity, our needs and wishes would be fulfilled by the gods and goddesses and we would get pleasantness, happiness and peacefulness in our life. We would become healthier and get more courage, wisdom, spiritual energy and would live a successful life.

Let us regularly do puja in our home and in the temples and be blessed.