Artha Nareeswarar Temple


Artha Nareeswarar temple in vasudevanallur at Tirunelveli District is a famous temple, and it is several centuries old temple. The main deity of the temple is Lord Arthanareeswara also called as Chinathamaninathar, and the name of Devi is Idapaga Valli. There are also other shrines for Lord Nataraja, Bairava and Chandikeswara. Apart from these shrines, the following shrines are also found in this temple:

1. Lord Surya

2. Dakshinamurthy

3. Juradevar

4. Veerabadra

5. Mahalakshmi

6. Dharma Sastha

7. Lord Vinayaka

8. Sani Bhagavan

9. Nagaraja and his consort Nagarani

The temple timing is: From 6.00 am to 11.30 am and from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Devotees can approach the temple management and can perform puja and abhishekham to the deities.

Mostly married couples would visit this temple, in order to get a blessed married life, and to get relieved from various problems in their life.

Once, the great sage Bhringi, worshiped Lord Shiva alone, and ignored Mata Parvati. And due to that, in order to show him, that both of them are similar with each other in all aspects, both Lord Shiva and Parvati merged with each other and took the form of Sri Artha Nareeswarar, and appeared before the sage Bhringi. The sage immediately realized his mistake and sought apology to Mata Parvati.


1. Aani Brahmotsavam

2. Aipasi Skandashasti

3. Margazhi Thiruvadirai


Both the divine father and mother contains mercy on the human beings and will used to shower their grace, especially to the sinful persons, and will remove their sins, and make them purified. By visiting this temple, we can get peace of mind, good health and sufficient wealth.

Let us visit this holy temple, and worship the divine deities at least once in a year and be blessed.