Sri Narahari Theertha


Sri Narahari Teertha was a famous scholar and one of the disciples of Madhvacharya. He is considered to be the preacher of the Haridasa movement along with Sripadaraja. Shri Narahari wrote fifteen books, but only two of his works,Gita Bhasya and Bhavaprakasika are existing today. He was the minister to the Eastern Ganga rulers and later took the position as the pontiff of Madhvacharya mutt.


His early life cannot be traced, except that it was known that he served as a minister in Odisha. More Information about his life is derived from Simhachalam temple.The inscriptions also shows  his expertise in scriptures. He built the Yogananda Narasimha Temple in Srikurmam and protected the city from the attacks of vandals.  There is also an evidence that he was patronised by Bhanudeva I and his ward Narasimha Deva II. He left his physical body in 1333 and his Brindaavana was situated at Chakratiirtha, near Hampi, Karnataka at the banks of  River Tungabhadra.

Some people say that he was the disciple of Padmanabha Tirtha, but this is not supported anywhere in the mutt details, instead what is pointed out is, that due to the seniority of Padmanabha Tirtha, Narahari Tirtha was humbly served as the representitive of his spiritual master Shri Madhvacharya, and he was considered like a 'shiksha' disciple of the new pontiff Sri Padmanabha Tirtha Swami.

At the time of dividing the Mutts at Kanva Tirtha, Shripad Madhvacharya gave Narahari the Deity of Kaliyamardana Krishna with four arms.

Divine Works

Narahari's research on the Gita Bhashya of Madhva called Bhavaprakashika is considered to be an important work in the Dvaita sect. It has been appreciated by Sri Jayatirtha and Sri Raghavendra Tirtha during their time. Narahari and Sripadaraja are considered to be the main persons of the Haridasa movement by writing songs in praise of Lord Krishna, and they spread the teachings of Madhwa in a simplified manner.


It can be concluded, that Sri Narahari Teertha who was the disciple of Sri Madhwacharya, has skilled in madhwa philosophy. Though he left his physical body, is still active in his brindavan, residing at the heart of his devotees and listening to the devotees prayers and fulfilling their wishes. During his period, he has done a lot of miracles and he has cured the diseases of his devotees and also fulfilled their wishes. He is a great madhwa saint and an able scholar. Let us worship him and chant his nama and seek his blessings.