Velleswarar Temple is a famous Shiva temple and it is an ancient temple, situated in Mangadu, nearby the famous Mangadu Kamatchi Amman Temple. Nearby this temple, a Vishnu temple known as Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple is also located. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and since Lord Shukra, is worshiped in this temple this temple is known as Velleswarar Temple. In Tamil Vellee means Friday and Lord Shukra is the god of Friday.

Lord Shukra is the guru of the demons and pujas are performed by the devotees to Lord Shukra on Fridays. Devotees used to offer Mochai, a kind of pulses which is very much liked by Lord Shukra Bhagavan. According to the legend, Mata Kamakshi performed tapas in Mangadu, and also worshipped Lord Shiva in the Velleswarar Temple. This temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and by worshipping Lord Shiva and Shukra Bhagavan at this temple, we would get good fortunes in our life. There are shrines for Lord Ganesha,  Muruga, Brahma, Vishnu, Lingothbavar and Sri Veerabadhrar, a famous Shiva avatar. Devotees who visit Mangadu Kamakshi Amman Temple must definitely visit this holy Velleeswarar Temple and also Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple in order to get all kinds of prosperities in this earth. Mangadu is located near Poonamallee and bus and auto services are available.

Visiting this sacred temple would cleanse our mind, removes our unwanted thoughts and make us to focus our attention on bhakti path. In the present situation of our life, we are daily facing lot of problems like suffering from diseases and mental worries and also facing job related problems etc. Hence, in order to get rid from our problems, we must worship this famous temple and be blessed.