Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha

Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha

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Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha

Specially husband and wife relations.

Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha Signifying Lord Ardha Nareeshwara of Shivaparvathi i.e. half Lord Shiva and half Goddess Parvathi. The ruling planet of Two Mukhi Rudraksha is Moon. They effectively control the malefic effects of Moon and diseases of the left eye, kidney, intestines etc. Emotionally, there is harmony in relationships. This bead helps in developing harmonious relationships. Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha or do Mukhi Rudraksha is very effective removing negative effect of planet moon.

Wearer will have control on his desires and will develop divinely outlook- very useful in kundalini awakening - essential in varshikarna mental ailments of various types and rhinitis will be cured develops cordial relations with family members, friends, and relatives specially husband and wife relations.

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