Kamadhenu (Brass)

Kamadhenu (Brass)

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Kamadhenu (Brass)

Kamadhenu Cow also called as “ The mother of all Cow”, can remove the distressful home atmosphere. It is a sacred cow, which is like a chariot of success. It can be kept at home or office according to Vastu direction.

1) Keeping Kamdhenu cow at home brings happiness and peace in the homely environment.
2) It can remove the negative effects from the home.
3) It blesses one with happiness and good wealth.
4) Kamdhenu is a sacred cow so keeping it is very good for small children at home.
5) If it is kept in the workplace, it attracts positive energy and growth in the business.
6) Kamdhenu cow pooja is beneficial for removing hindrances and troubles from life.
7) It is a sacred cow that blesses one with continued happiness.
8) Keep Kamdhenu cow at your work place to increase the flow of luck charms towards you.
9) Keeping Kamdhenu cow at home removes incoming obstacles.
10) It is the cow of heaven so it carries benefits that are numerous.

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