Akhanda Jyothi Cotton Wicks (5 Packs)

Akhanda Jyothi Cotton Wicks (5 Packs)

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Akhanda Jyothi Cotton Wicks

During Navratri it is very auspicious to light the Akhand Jyoti in the home. It brings happiness and prosperity for the worshiper. In Sukand Puran it is mentioned that among the light of fire, the light of the Sun, the light of the Moon, this lamp (Akhand Jyoti) is the best of lights. The light from the Akhand Jyoti enlightened the human body and mind and increases the concentration. Due to increased concentration the worshiping of almighty becomes more effective.

Significance of Akhand Jyoti

Japa done in front of a akhand jyoti is 1000 times more effective. Deities like ganesha, hanuman, bhairav and Devi are pleased when worshipped in front of a Jyoti. Akhand Deepak represents your unshakable and unflickering faith in your Isht Devta.

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