Navagraha Samidhalu (Big size)

Navagraha Samidhalu (Big size)

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                                                                                 Navagraha Samidhalu 

Navagraha samidha sticks are useful for 9 grahas according to their planets. These samidha’s are prepared with essential holy incense powders made of herbs, spices, frank incense and loban. Navagraha samidha are used to reduce negative effects and improve positive energies of these planets. Navagraha Samidha is used in homa to pacify all planets by chanting shlokas. By using this navagraha samidha it provides relief from disharmony, prevents loss of wealth, remove hurdles, obstacles leading a smooth path to success, helps in overcoming the bugs (doshas) and other Ashubha yoga’s which are associated with all the nine planets. Navagraha Samidha This kit includes set of samidha sticks which are useful for 9 grahas according to their ruling planets.

Navagraha Samidha Sticks :

1.Surya - Ark

2.Chandra - Palash

3.Rahu - Durva

4.Ketu - Khusa

5.Mangal - khair

6.Budh - Apmarg

7.Guru - Ashvath

8.Shukra - Audumber

9.Shani - Shami

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