Black Horse Shoe Ring (Gurram Nada)

Black Horse Shoe Ring (Gurram Nada)

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Black Horse Shoe Ring (Gurram Nada)

The horse shoe ring suggested for wearing to remove the saturn related problems must be made from an used horse-shoe (ghode ki naal

in hindi and gurram nada in telugu). most of the horse-shoes or rings made of them sold in the market are from new horse-shoes and

hence are useless. horse-shoe is always in its natural black colourof iron which is the metal of planet saturn.

Benifits of Black Horse Shoe:

1).It is considered to be an auspicious and divine amulet that removes bad luck.

2).It works as a protective layer of the house, which protects the house from germs,diseses and bad luck.

3). It is universally the best symbol of good fortune.

4). Practitioners of esoteric subjects blieve that it offer protections against the malefic efforts of planet Saturn.

5). It offers protection fromblack magic,evil eye, tantric influence, hatred, envy, insomnia, robbery and planetary malign.

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