Padarasa (Mercury) Lingam

Padarasa (Mercury) Lingam

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Padarasa ( Mercury ) Lingam

Shivalingam Is The Holy Symbol Of Lord Shiva And His Consort Parvathi. According To The Puranas, Who Worships Single Padarasa Shivalingam Gets Benefits Equal To Worshiping 108 Other Types Of Shivalingas. It Is Mentioned In Ancient Vedas That There Is Nothing Pure And Auspicious Than Padarasam.
Worshiping Padarasa Shivalingam Every Day Ensures That Goddess Lakshmi Resides At Home Always And Also Wealth, Good Position, Name And Fame.
It Is Believed That Worshiping The Padarasa Lingam, Peace And Prosperity In The Houses And Business Premises, Abundance Of Wealth And Stress Body From All Diseases.

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