Sumangali Pasupu (Turmeric Powder)

Sumangali Pasupu (Turmeric Powder)

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Sumangali Pasupu (Turmeric Powder) 

Product Description:

Product Name : Sumanagali Pasupu

Net Weight : 250 Grams

Sumangali pasupu is used for all devotional purposes.

In Hindu worship ceremonies, turmeric powder is used to symbolize both inner purity and inner pride. Worshipers use turmeric paste to anoint statues and images of Hindu deities in religious ceremonies. Turmeric also represents purity. The yellow and orange coloring of turmeric add to its significance in Hindu practice with yellow representing the space between chastity and sensuality, as well as the sacral chakra. Orange represents the sun, sacrifice and courage, as well as the solar plexus chakra.

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