Tiger Eye Mala (Rosary)

Tiger Eye Mala (Rosary)

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Tiger Eye Mala 

Tigers Eye Rosary is a mala of strength, courage, will and special power. Tiger Eye is a spiritual mala which attracts luck,prosperity and money. It is very shiny and is also called rosary of good luck stone. Tiger Eye Beads Prayer Mala is worn to help encourage energy flow through the body and boost strength. It also supports us to cope with worrying situation. It also aids in digestion and complete health. The liquid association of light across the useful stone makes it an outstanding tool for vision or divination work.

Tiger Eye Mala Benefits:

Tiger Eye Mala brings insight into complex situations

Tiger Eye Mala attracts good luck.

It guards from negative energies.

It can deepen your meditative state.

Tiger Eye Mala improves focus of the mind.

Tiger Eye Mala dispels fears.

Tiger Eye Mala promotes mental clarity.

Tiger Eye Mala grounds and concentrates personal energy.

Tiger Eye Mala boosts creativity, and to upsurge passion and compassion.This powerful stone is connected with the second chakra and evokes fertility and stimulate passion.

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