Bhagat Sadana was a great saint and poet and he was also called as Sadana Qasai, and his divine verses were incorporated in the famous Sikh text, Guru Granth Sahib. His devotional poems were admired by great saints and poets, and he was considered as a worshipper of the formless god.  

The followers of Bhagat Sadana are called Sadana Panthis. He died at Sirhind in Punjab. 

Sadana was born in 1180 AD in a Muslim family in Hyderabad, Sindh province in Pakistan. He undertook the profession of butchery. And though he has done the job of cutting the goats, in general, he was a kind hearted person, and used to discuss with the Hindu Spiritual Saints about spiritual matters, and in course of time, he left his profession, and began to preach the “IMPORTANCE OF LOVE AND AFFECTION” among the people throughout India.

At his teenage, he looked very handsome with a pleasing personality. Once, when he was travelling in North India, a young married lady got attracted with him and began to love him, but he guided her properly and sent to her home, and asked her to live as a dutiful wife to her husband. Though he got the opportunity to have an affair with her, he didn’t do that, since he was a noble man, and at this present scenario, we cannot find such a great person like him.

Based on the above incident, he used to tell to others not to commit a crime or sin, even when they got the opportunity to do so, since everything is being watched by the god, and he is counting our good and bad karmic deeds, and hence asks us to always do good activities and to do selfless service to others. He was such a noble personality, and acts as an example for others.

He also performed many miracles in the life of his devotees, such as removing their sins by touching his holy hands on to their head, and by asking them to do meditation on the formless god.

Bhagat Sadana had preached lectures in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab areas. At Sirhind, he died, where a mosque was built in his memory and preserved by the Punjab Government. He was praised by the famous Dalit saint Sri Ravidas, who was considered as an AMSA of Lord Surya Bhagavan. He was also praised by the great saints like Kabir, Namdev and by other Varkari Saints, devotees of Lord Panduranga.


Realise the god within your soul, and always be pure and never hate others.

Show love and affection even to your enemies.

Control your senses, and don’t enjoy too much of pleasures in your life, since that will put you in hell, after your death.

Provide help to the needy, and share your wealth with others.

Believe that god is love, and act accordingly.

Take care of your family members, and treat your parents properly, and show more attention on them during their old age.

Always keep thinking on doing goodness to others, and do it immediately whenever your immediate help is needed by anyone.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.