Venkata Desai


Venkata Desai (16th century) was the landlord in the Kiritakiri Village, Karnataka, and belonged to an orthodox family. He was the chief person in the village, and lived along with his wife and his small child. He lived during the time of Guru Raghavendra, and was a great devotee of him. He was a pious and a noble scholar who was thorough in all the sacred texts, and lived an honest life, by regularly doing pujas, homams and abhishekhams at his home as well as in the temples of Lord Vishnu, and lived peacefully with sufficient wealth.

Once, during his yatra, Guru Raghavendra visited his village. Desai eagerly welcomed the great guru to his home. Guru has accepted his request and visited his home, to perform the Moolarama Puja, which is a very famous puja, and the Moola Rama deity was worshiped by Lord Brahma himself in his Brahma Lok. 

The entire village was decorated with flowers, and mango leaves, and it was looked like a festive season. Desai was preparing lot of food items at his home, by employing lot of cooks, in order to serve to the participants of the puja and to the village people. Most of the village people gathered in the house of Sri Venkata Desai, and they were eagerly watching the Moola Rama Puja. Desai and his wife were also watching it with much pleasantness in their mind. At that time, their little child suddenly fell into the big cooking vessel, which contains mango rasam, and the child was died due to fire burns.

At the end of the puja, the couples were searched for their child, and found him into the cooking vessel, and was very much depressed. And after some time, they brought their son in presence of Guru Raghavendra, and whispered. Immediately the great guru sprinkled the water from his kamadala into the face of the dead child. After a few seconds, the child was brought back alive. The desai family and the village people were very happy, and Venkata Desai had gifted several lands to the divine saint, and got blessings from him.

Let us worship the great man Venkata Desai and be blessed.