Significance Of Lighting Lamps On Diwali

The Meaning For Lit Lights On Deepavali 


tvamjyotih shreeravishchandro vidyutsouvarna taarakaah !

Sarveshaam jyotishaam jyotirdeepa jyotih sthite namah !!


Shree Mahaalakshmi will be seen glowing in row of lights flames. Sri Mahalakshmi Devi stays sun, moon, stars, maestros, wise builders. Houses, house premises, cows, cowsheds, fruits, flower garlands, perfumes, in all auspicious, auspicious items Ashtalakshmi related Sri Mahalakshi stays at these places. The people who do not accept other's money. Who don't tell lies, women who are well treated place, where there is abusing and quarrel Sri Lakahmi Devi shower wealth in that places. In morning and evening who ever pray Sri Mahavishnu, reciting Sri Maha Vishnu, where Srimannaaraayana prayed heartfully and houses Sri Mahalakshmi's staying places.  

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