Annapurna is an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, and she is the one who provides food to all the living beings in this world. Annapurnashtakam is a Stotram written in praise of Ma Annapurna by the great Advaita scholar Sri Adishankaracharya.

The contents contained in the holy Annapurnashtakam are as follows:

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari

you are the supreme Goddess of Kasi,

and through your kindness,

you makes the people happy,

and gives boons and provides food, cloth and shelter to all,

and also removes the miseries and sorrows from their life.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

you are the holy goddess of Kasi,

and you are adorned with lot of precious jewels and you are dressed in rich golden colour silk sari,

and you contains attractive beauty,

Please give us food and all other basic necessities in order to sustain in our lives.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

you are the beautiful goddess of Kasi,

who gives spiritual bliss to your devotees, and destroys our enemies,

and maintains DHARMA in this world,

you shines like the sun,

and gives brightness to all the worlds,

you are the one who gives good health, wealth,

and fulfils the wishes of the devotees.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

you are the lovely Goddess of Kasi,

who lives along with Lord Parameswara in Kailasa, and you are also called by various names, such as Gauri, Durga, Kali, Uma, and Sankari,

you are holding the divine Vedas on your mind,

you are the absolute energy of “OM”,

and you are the one who gives salvation to your devotees.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

you are the Goddess of Kasi,

you are showering you grace on us, and making us to move towards the spiritual path.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

please give goodness in our lives, and remove the badness from us, and always make us to think on you, and to get the pleasure by reciting your holy names.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

you are the Goddess of Kasi,

please hug us, like our affectionate mother, and give the spiritual pleasure to us through your holy touch.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

you are the daughter of Daksha,

and you are the noble consort of Lord Shiva.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

your appearance is very good, and you are as beautiful similar to the full moon,

and you are stealing the hearts of your devotees through your affectionate smile.

Hey Ma Annapurneswari,

you are the Goddess of Kasi,

and you are protecting the big kings as well as the small ants,

you are not showing partiality to anyone in this world, and you are the goddess of kindness and compassion.

Hey, Ma Annapurneswari,

give me good knowledge, wisdom and courage in my life.

Whoever recites this stotram with full of bhakti in their mind, would get all sorts of prosperity in their life, and they would lead a peaceful life.