Bala Ganapathy is the child form of Lord Vinayaka. As per Vinayaka Purana, Lord Vinayaka was born out of the powers of his mother Ma Shakti Devi. During his childhood, he has done lot of mischievous activities similar to Lord Krishna. 

He used to eat lot of Mothaks and would pretend before others, as if he looks tired and sleepy. He also stopped his father Lord Shiva from entering into the palace, as per the orders of his mother Ma Shakti. As a result, his head was severed by Lord Shiva, and instead of that, an elephant’s head was placed on his body. Before the occurrence of this incident, Lord Vinayaka was in the human form, with a human head. He can be seen in some temples, with human face, and in those temples, he is called and worshipped as “NARAMUHA VINAYAKA”.

Bala Ganapathy form can be found in some ancient temple sculptures, and in that form, he looks very beautiful with a shining face. He is considered as the main Shiva Gana, and he controls Lord Nandikeswarar and other Shiva Ganas. In Mumbai, some temples are dedicated to Bala Ganapathy, and he is mainly worshipped for getting good children.

Some years back, some cartoon movies were produced and released in theatres, and it ran well, and received huge box office collections. Those who suffer from head ache, and brain fever diseases are advised to worship Lord Balavinayagar, by placing his picture in their puja room. Various gods and goddesses were blessed by Lord Vinayaka, and they have also got relieved from their curses after worshipping Bala Vinayaka. 

People must cultivate the practice of telling nice stories to their children from the Vinayaka Purana, since at this present period, without the grace of the god, we cannot survive in this difficult life. Bala Ganapathy songs are also available in YouTube Channels, and during free time, people can joyfully watch those songs in order to add sweetness in their lives.

Hence let us worship Lord Bala Ganapathy regularly, and be blessed.