Lord Hanuman had born in this earth during the Treta Yuga in order to serve Lord Rama, and to spread the importance of maintaining Bhakti on the almighty amongst the people. Though he contains the features of Lord Shiva, he is featured as a great Vaishnavite, and he is also considered as one of the divine vehicle of Lord Vishnu. 

Once Balahanuman had decided to pick the shining sun from the sky by considering it as a big fruit, due to that, Lord Indra became very angry with him, and he hit him hardly with his Vajrayudha. As a result, Hanuman had got fainted, and fell in the earth. Hanuman’s father Lord Vayu Bhagavan, had become very angry with the act of Lord Indra, and hence he stopped circulating the free flow of air in the entire universe. All the gods and demi gods felt pity with Hanuman, and gave lot of boons to him. Vayu became very happy and released the circulation of air in the entire universe.

In his childhood, Hanuman began to do some mischievous acts, like making fear in the minds of the sages while doing their Yagnas, by taking gigantic shape, and playing with them during the time of their meditation etc. As a result, the sages who lived in the Anjanadri hills, which is believed to be the present place of Tirumala, began to curse him, that he would forget about his super natural powers and he would behave like a normal human being. That’s why, when Sugriva had hidden himself in the Rishyamuka Parvata due to the fear from Vali, Hanuman also hidden along with him, since he didn’t realised about his extra ordinary powers. Later the bear king, Jambavan, reminded him about his powers, and made him to cross the ocean, in order to search for MA Sita in the Lanka.

We can compare the childhood plays of Balahanuman with Balakrishna. Both of them are the divine avatars of the almighty, and both of them were incarnated in this earth, for cultivating bhakti in the minds of the people. It is suggested for the parents, to make their child to worship Balahanuman, in order to cultivate the bhakti spirit in their minds, and also to get good strength in their mind and body.