Navagrahas are the nine celestial demi gods of the universe. Human life is based on the functioning of the Navagrahas, and it is based on the planetary positions of our horoscope, also known as birth chart. If the planetary positions are favorable as per our horoscope, our life would become easier, or if it is unfavorable, our life would become difficult. Navagrahas occupies an important place in our daily life, and they would give goodness or badness based on their ruling as per our horoscope. Though there is no need to get afraid of the Navagrahas, but we must necessarily know about their importance, and worship them regularly.

Among the Navagrahas, Lord Shani Dev, the god of Saturday, is also a judgement god, who gives results based on our past karmic deeds, must be worshiped regularly, in order to reduce the burden of our problems. Though everything is already decided by the god, after knowing about the results of our planetary positions, we have to show much attention on praying to the Navagrahas, in order to reduce our sufferings to some extent. There are various temples meant for the Navagrahas, and those who are having problems, can visit the respective temples, and worship the divine Navagrahas. Navagrahas are controlled by Mata Parvati, and by worshiping Lord Shiva and Shakti would yield good results in our life. 

Since temples meant for Navagrahas are spread across Tamil Nadu, and instead of worshiping them all together, we can also worship Lord Shiva at the Arunachaleswarar temple, Lord Vishnu at the Tirumala Venkateswara temple, Lord Vinayaka at the Rock Fort Temple, Trichy, and by visiting the Arupadai Veedu temples of Lord Muruga also would relieve us from the problems related with our bad planetary positions. Even if we visit any one of the above mentioned temples, we would be relieved from our bad planetary effects.

Hence let us worship the divine navagrahas and be blessed.