Brahman denotes the highest supreme, the Ultimate almighty  in the universe. It is the cause for all the happenings in the entire universe. It is the divine bliss which would never change, and it would exist permanently in this universe, and it cannot be destroyed from this universe.

Brahman is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word, and it is a major concept mentioned in the Vedas, and in the Upanishads. Brahman is permanent and the highest in order. Brahman sometimes denote Lord Brahma also, the creator of the entire universe, and it also would denote Lord Shiva and Vishnu, and the combined forces of the Trimurties and Tridevis. 

Brahman can also be realized within ourselves by placing the god in our soul. The great Bhagavathas, Dhruva and Prahalada had realized the Brahman (Lord Vishnu) from their souls, and similarly the Great Rishis like Vasishta, Viswamitra and Narada have found the Brahman in their souls, through their sincere devotion on the almighty.

The great king Bharata had taken the birth of Jadabharata in his succeeding birth, and from his young age itself, he realised the Brahman from his soul, and also shared his spiritual knowledge with others. This was made possible to him, since he contains the features of Lord Brahma. In simple terms, we can define Brahman as our worshipping deities. Everyone must consider their Kula Deva/ Kula Devi as the ultimate Brahman and must worship him/her sincerely. 

The great Shaivite Saint Pusalar had built a temple for Lord Shiva from his soul, and he has done consecration ceremony for that temple also. He had done this, since he used to worship Lord Shiva from his soul from his young age itself. Similarly the child Rishi Markandeya who had conquered the death, had realized Lord Shiva by placing him in his heart, and by worshipping him sincerely.

Let us worship the ultimate Brahman, the first god, Lord Vinayaka and be blessed.