‘God Bless you’, this is the best message, which would mostly be conveyed to us by our relatives, friends and our well-wishers, whenever we meet them in their homes or in some family functions. Do God, really bless us! If God really bless the people then why most of the people in the world, are suffering from various problems in their life?

Some of us would be even having the doubt that whether the god really exist or not? This question usually would arise in our mind, whenever we open up the newspapers in the morning. From the Daily papers, we can find that lot of people in various parts of the world are suffering from various kinds of problems in their life like fire burns, murders, accidents, suicides and family problems etc. But as per the sayings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita, everything is happening in the world is based on the karmic deeds of the people only, and I am not responsible for the cause of the problems of the people, since they are only responsible for their own sufferings. If a person does good things in his life, he would be happy in his present life as well as in his next birth, whereas if a person does bad things in his life, even if he lives happily in his present life, but would face lot of difficulties in his next birth. 

He also tells to Arjuna, that “do not worry about the things happening around you”. Everything is already written by me, and nothing can be changed in the world, since everything is under my control. Instead of breaking your head on unnecessary things, keep concentrating on me, me and me only! If you sincerely believe me, then I would do wonders in your life”.

The great Lord Krishna had gifted us the holy book “Bhagavat Gita”, but instead of reading it fully, we are saying that the Bhagavat Gita teachings are not told by Krishna in a proper manner, and he has explained it in a vague manner. We cannot find fault with the teachings of the great almighty, Lord Krishna. If Lord Krishna was able to show his full form (VISWAROOPA DARSHAN) in the Dwapara Yuga, then how we can find fault with him and his Holy Bhagavat Gita.

If we patiently read the Bhagavat Gita, we would get clarity in most of the things, and we would also get more bhakti on Lord Krishna.

Daily we should thank the god, and must realize that god has already blessed us in abundance, and we have been blessed by the god, to have been born in this earth as a human being, and we have got an opportunity to worship the holy Lord Krishna.

Instead of cursing and scolding the almighty, let us praise and sing songs on Lord Krishna, and let joyful tears flow from our eyes by seeing the divine face of Lord Krishna.